Advice 1: How to tie a headscarf Muslim women

For Muslim women the headscarf is not just a hat, and the most important attribute of her religion. Shawl Muslim women is included in the concept of hijab which is to hide the body, hair, ears and neck, revealing only the oval of the face — it symbolizes her modesty and chastity. In this article you will learn how to tie a Muslim headscarf.
How to tie a headscarf Muslim women
Take a large rectangular scarf or stole. Throw it over your head and bring the edges to the back of the head, stabbing with a pin. You will see that the handkerchief was fixed, forming a kind of hood, and the rear was left hanging two long end of the tippet.
One of these ends move forward and throw to the opposite shoulder, thus closing the near shoulder. Beautifully drape the folds and kill the shawl on the shoulder with a pin, so it will not fall. The second end also flip forward and close the neck, stabbing a pin on the temple. Straighten the folds of the handkerchief. Your headpiece is ready.
You can tie a scarf and in other ways they will also need a large rectangular stole. Throw it on your head in the center and clip away the edges on the back of his head. Flip the remaining long ends forward and secure with a pin under the chin to cover the neck. Then wrap the long ends of the scarf around the neck, draping them beautifully. Kill it with pins to the ends so the scarf is not collapsed.
If the scarf is too slippery fabric, the scarf can be worn tight at the cap, under which hide hair. The cap holds the folds and draping of a scarf, without increasing the volume of the resulting headgear.
Adding to the scarf beautifully decorated hair clips and pins, using different combinations of colors and patterns on scarves, you can create a unique and stylish hats, attention-grabbing and however, complying with all rules of the Muslim hijab.

Advice 2 : How to wear a headscarf Muslim women

In Muslim countries women are forbidden to appear on the street with uncovered head and to expose any part of the body except the hands and face. In this regard, it is very important to know how to tie a scarf to match all of the divine covenants.
How to wear a headscarf Muslim women
Wear under a thin scarf beanie – bonnet. It will close the head in the case that a thin scarf or translucent. Besides, with bonnet shawl will not slip, which will facilitate its mounting on the head. Please note, the bonnet must cover your ears.
Beaune is possible to use special bottom scarf – mehram. It is a rectangular piece of non-slip type fabric muslin dimensions 150 x 40 cm mihram Put on his head gather under his hair. Ends cross fold in the form of tape and wrap around the head. Both sides of the scarf should cross the center of the head. Left to tuck the ends back, pushing them under mihram.
Now take a rectangular scarf and put it on top of his head so that 1/3 of the length of the handkerchief was on one side of the head, and the other was 2/3 of a scarf. Under the chin to fasten the shawl pins. You can use special pins for shawls or plain English. Check: short side must be closer to the chin, and a long – lie on top.
Grab the long part of the scarf and wrap it on the back of the head at an equal distance between the top of the head and top of neck. The lower you wrap it up, the more it will close the neck and shoulders.
Now attach the long end of the shawl under the chin or over the ear from the side: pull the pin right under both layers of fabric. Additionally, kill it one pin right and left – now the shawl will stay on your head all day. Remember, the scarf should drape the chest and close cut dresses or blouses.
The second option tying a rectangular scarf. Narrow side position in the center of the head, the ends of get back to each other and secure with a pin. One direction will clip on the opposite shoulder with a pin and wrap the other around the neck and secure.
If you need to tie a square scarf, first fold it into a triangle. Slip into the head and secure with a pin under the chin. Now pull the left end of the scarf to the right shoulder and pin it to your clothes.
Accordingly, the right end of the handkerchief, attach to the left shoulder. A more complicated version involves the winding of the ends of the scarf around the neck and pinning them on the opposite shoulders.
If instead you use a special bonnet handkerchief bottom, it needs to match the color with the upper.
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Dock instead of pins you can decorate with a brooch or a small bouquet of flowers.
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