Take a large rectangular scarf or stole. Throw it over your head and bring the edges to the back of the head, stabbing with a pin. You will see that the handkerchief was fixed, forming a kind of hood, and the rear was left hanging two long end of the tippet.
One of these ends move forward and throw to the opposite shoulder, thus closing the near shoulder. Beautifully drape the folds and kill the shawl on the shoulder with a pin, so it will not fall. The second end also flip forward and close the neck, stabbing a pin on the temple. Straighten the folds of the handkerchief. Your headpiece is ready.
You can tie a scarf and in other ways they will also need a large rectangular stole. Throw it on your head in the center and clip away the edges on the back of his head. Flip the remaining long ends forward and secure with a pin under the chin to cover the neck. Then wrap the long ends of the scarf around the neck, draping them beautifully. Kill it with pins to the ends so the scarf is not collapsed.
If the scarf is too slippery fabric, the scarf can be worn tight at the cap, under which hide hair. The cap holds the folds and draping of a scarf, without increasing the volume of the resulting headgear.
Adding to the scarf beautifully decorated hair clips and pins, using different combinations of colors and patterns on scarves, you can create a unique and stylish hats, attention-grabbing and however, complying with all rules of the Muslim hijab.