The goal for the candidate degree (master's exam) — to determine the depth of professional knowledge of the applicant's degree, as well as to determine the level of readiness for independent scientific research work. For the award of a scientific degree of candidate of Sciences candidate examinations (philosophy, foreign language and special discipline) is required.

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Candidate examinations on philosophy and foreign language are held at the model education programs developed and approved by the Ministry of education. The exam on special discipline for program consisting of two parts: a typical minimum program for speciality developed the leading in the industry of higher educational establishments and scientific institutions; an additional program of the program – is developed by the relevant Department of the particular University.

In practice, candidate examinations are accepted twice a year in the form of sessions, timing and duration of which are set directly by the higher education institution, conducting the candidate exams. At the discretion of the Commission for PhD examinations shall be by ticket or without them, and the knowledge of future scientists and teachers are evaluated by the school system: "excellent", "good", "satisfactory", "unsatisfactory". The exam will be given one attempt to re-take the exam in a single session is impossible.


The successful candidate examinations is an important stage in the career of a specialist. In front of the examinee, it opens the possibility of obtaining the certificate which grants the right to defend his thesis. The deadlines for the candidate degree and certificate validity is unlimited.

In accordance with the regulations on training scientific-pedagogical and scientific shots in system of postgraduate professional education in the Russian Federation, candidate examinations are compulsory for the award of a scientific degree of candidate of Sciences and candidates for a degree of doctor of science, having a scientific degree of candidate of Sciences.

Students who have passed in full or in part candidate examinations, admission to graduate school are exempt from the relevant exams. The decision on admission to graduate school or denial of admission reported coming within a week.