You will need
  • Computer;
  • printer;
  • cartridge.
Flip open the printer cover. As a rule, it painted a detailed instruction how to insert the cartridges into the printer. Remember that the cost of the cartridge can be up to 90% of the cost of the printer. Agree, nothing to go with buying a new cartridge in order to then own reckless and ill-considered action to break it, not worth it.
So, to insert cartridges into the printer, first unzip the original packaging. Pull out the cartridge and carefully remove the protective tape from the nozzles. After that gently wipe the nozzles themselves a soft cloth, lint-free. Need to wipe along the nozzles.
If the printer cover is tilted, the holders for the cartridges tend to automatically go to the center of the device, for ease of installation. Alternately, insert the cartridges in the printer in accordance with the instructions, painted under the lid. The cartridges must be inserted so that at the end I heard a click, signaling that the cradle has fixed the cartridge. After you install the ink cartridges, close the printer cover. Holder with cartridgeMIS will return to its original position.
Now try to print some test pages to verify the installation. If all goes well, you can congratulate yourself – the installation of cartridges is completed.