You will need
  • - screwdriver.
Check with the device of continuous ink supply systems (CISS), which is equipped with an inkjet printer. This system delivers the ink to the print head from special containers. CISS includes ink tubes and silicone cable with cartridges that do not have a traditional filler. Ink supply system is sealed, the vacuum in it is aligned with the flow of ink in the cartridges from the tanks.
Remove the panel of an inkjet printer, where the inscriptions are. With a screwdriver pry the edge of the panel and effortlessly lift her over the edge. Remove the white stroke, pulling it down on himself and unhook it from the latches. Remove the two screws located at the front of the printer and three screws present in the back. Now disconnect the side panel.
Lay the ribbon cable of the continuous ink supply system. First turn on the printer. Wait until the carriage out of a Parking space in the center of the printer. Then power off, pulling the power cord. Disconnect the cartridges. Now open the cover to the right and through a special technical loop hole get the CISS into the printer. Connect the cable to the clip retainer and pull the train to the carriage printer.
All print cartridges, remove the stickers. Drill bit included in repair kit, enlarge the holes in the cartridge to 4 mm. Install in holes silicone seals. On the black cartridge, attach the clip to keep Slava. On the train put on the corners and connect it to cartridges.
Install the printer cartridges, paving the trail system continuous ink supply to the clip holder. To comply with the order of the colors.
Inside the printer install the retaining clip where you fasten the loop CISS. Output the loop to the right and fasten. Adjust the length of the plume of ink, so it does not bend and does not SAG. Finally refit the panel and a white stroke.