Consciously move the head to a known positive answers.
The essence is that initially, you ask the interviewee questions that require automatic answer "Yes". Often enough the two affirmative answers to the third question, the chief said Yes. Try preliminary issues to build in rhetorical form. "We better get to the question today, right?", "It is better to minimize the cost, right?".
The following technique originates from the marketing policy of the American salesmen. It was believed that if they put a foot in the door at home, that's exactly what marketed your stuff through there. From a psychological point of view this technique is that if the opponent lost once agreeing to a small request, there is a high probability that the same way he will give way in important matters. Therefore, with the purpose to get the head prize, first, get the minimum from him any concessions. Remember how you are involved in a lot of trouble, although it all began with a harmless drink.
Be sure to focus on winning the consequences after delivery of the award. As you will double your diligence, how easy will feel after cherished dreams, as raise productivity of the entire Department. In General, first state's arguments, emphasize achievements and then present a petition. If other position is negative, then start to agree with his disagreement, and then smoothly virulite on the conviction.
Dialogue of any content start only with such information that, by default, will appeal to the listener.
When you request a prize emotionally and logically improve his speech. Just when you petition for centuries subordinate manipulate your vocabulary of expressive forms of language. If you are not familiar with this wealth of your native vocabulary, then learn all the subtleties of expression, to become the master of filing of the petition.
Imagine the situation that your conversation involves several people, except you. Keep in mind that the most distinct words in the memory of the head will remain the last phrase of the conversation, so try to engage in a range of the latest and terminate the conversation.
Want to achieve the perfect position yourself, position yourself to the other party.