You will need
  • - internal regulations on bonus payments;
  • - the decision of the Board of Directors, founders or the Supervisory Board;
  • the order, signed by the employer.
If in addition to the General bonus you will pay additional remuneration or promotion to the Director the results of the work, indicate this in a separate internal legal act of the company and make a point about the order of payment of individual incentives in the employment contract with the selected enterprise Manager.
The decision on bonus payment to Director shall issue the employer. In accordance with the labor law, orders on payment of awards to all employees be signed by the General Director of the company, which also has the right to sign the order for payment of bonuses to Directors of structural subdivisions, but has no right to sign the order issued on payment of the award. The bonus payments authorized employees of the territorial tax service, a field or laboratory inspection finds illegal actions (article 255 of the RF Tax code). Therefore, the signature in order about the payment of premium to the Director-General must supply the employer or the Chairman of the Board of Directors based on the minutes of the decision meeting of shareholders, Supervisory Board or Board of Directors.
Monthly premium can be paid in fixed amount or percentage of salary. The same situation applies to the calculation of a single premium at the end of the work year, semester or quarter.
If the payment of cash incentives, rewards or bonuses not linked to individual merit, the decision to pay taken on the basis of successful work of the entire team, the charges most often made in the payment of wages. The Director is no exception and gets its portion of the prize or remuneration after the accrual when the payment of salaries to the established regulations of the time.
If the payment of individual incentives, rewards or premiums of its accrual may not be linked to wages and produced individually.