You will need
  • - statement by the trade Union organization;
  • - statement to the labour Inspectorate;
  • - a statement to the court.
The amount of the premium must be specified in the employment contract and internal legal acts of the enterprise. Cash may be paid in a fixed amount or percentage of salary. Basically the prize is distributed among all employees of the enterprise and the payment depends on successful financial and economic activities.
If you stopped paying the premium, please contact your representative or an independent primary trade Union organization with the statement. Trade Union organization is designed to protect the interests of workers and to make suggestions to the management of the company on their behalf.
To return the premium payment only if the company staff will perform the production plan and to make significant efforts for the success of economic and financial development of the company. If no temporary orders or you are working at a loss, head is unable to make the stimulating types of variable part of remuneration.
When you know exactly what the plan is exceeded, the products are shipped to the customer, and you do not pay the premium and Union leaders do nothing, you can write a collective statement and to appeal to the labour Inspectorate or in court.
On the basis of the audit of financial-economic activity of the enterprise, the leader in compulsion can force to pay the premium for all employees. However, make it very difficult, as article 114 of the labor code authorizes the Director to decide to pay premium or not.
If everything is stable, get bonus payments, and you are systematically denied, so it has a good reason. To deprive of the award are systematically being late to work, late leaving for lunch and returning from lunch, a visit to the Smoking room in a non-designated hours, for truancy. If you frequently go on sick leave, the supervisor has the right not to pay you the award, as the variable part of the wage incentive is paid only to those employees who worked the entire month with high performance without problems from the management.