You will need
  • - AMD Control Center;
  • - Nvidia Control Panel.
Try to deactivate the integrated video card using the firmware of the motherboard of the laptop. Turn on your computer. Press the desired key to enter the BIOS menu. Its value is usually indicated in the boot menu.
Examine the contents of the BIOS menus and find the items responsible for the operation of the adapters. Locate the Video Card Priority and set the priority to a discrete graphics card. If you skip this step, you need a adapter to run only after logging on to Windows.
Now go to the list of available graphics cards. Highlight the value of integrated adapter and set it to Disable. Always make sure that currently the laptop is using the discrete card.
If after disabling the adapter abruptly lost picture, then click exit the BIOS menus without saving your settings. Unfortunately it is not always possible to completely disable an integrated card.
In such situations, use a software designed to control both devices. Download app AMD Control Centre, if you are working with the ADM processor and the graphics card Radeon company.
If you are using Intel CPU and Nvidia video card, install the Nvidia Control Panel. Setting other combinations is performed using an application designed for integrated chip.
Run the selected program. Go to the settings menu and select discrete graphics cards cost. Disable the automatic change of the adapter. Save the changes. As a result of the actions of the integrated charge will not be fully disabled, but will be used by the discrete device.