You will need
  • - a computer running Wiindows.
To disable the built-in graphics card using the BIOS menu. Turn on the computer. When the appearance of the initial screen press the DEL key. So you'll open the BIOS menu. If the DEL you were not able to get into BIOS, then to log back into your motherboard uses a different key. To find out what it is, you can see the manual to your motherboard. On many modern motherboards in the initial screen also has a list of keys to enter different modes.
All embedded devices can be found under the BIOS. The section name may be different on different models of motherboards. But mostly he is called Onboard deviced or Integrated Device. In this section you need to find your graphics card. Most likely, it will have the name of the Integrated Video. Select the map and press Enter.
In the list that appears, select Disable, it is Disabled. Exit the BIOS, be sure to save your changes. After that the computer restarts, but the system cannot start. It is necessary to connect a discrete graphics card, or back to enable integrated.
On some motherboards, if you have a discrete graphics card is built in, you can select which to use. In this case, to disable the integrated video in the BIOS, simply enable the use of a discrete graphics card. To do this, in the BIOS you need to choose Advanced.
Then you need to find the item Primary Graphics Adapter. After that, the value of this item should be set to PCI-E. This means that the system will use a discrete graphics card, which is connected to the PCI Express interface. Exit the BIOS, save the settings. The computer will reboot, and the integrated video card is disabled.