Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and navigate to All programs to initiate the procedure of application of the continuous gap in the selected document in Word that is part of the Microsoft Office package. Open link in Microsoft Office and start Word. Locate and open to edit the document.
Open the menu "Insert" upper service panel of the application window and specify the section "Symbols" in the right pane of the ribbon. Use the item "Symbol" and select "Other symbols" in the drop-down directory. Click on the tab "Special characters" dialog that appears, and select "Nonbreaking space" in the directory. Click "Paste" to perform the requested operation apply the appropriate symbol, or apply simultaneously pressing function keys Ctrl+Shift, hold down the spacebar to use an alternative method of insertion.
Turn on the display of the character used a Nonbreaking space in the selected document. To do this, click "Home" upper service panel of the application window, and specify the Word "Paragraph" section. Use the subcommand "Show all characters" and verify that the space character in the edited document looks like a dot, and a non-breaking space - like ripples small. An alternative way of obtaining the same result is to use Ctrl+*. Remember to always apply the symbol Nonbreaking space before the dash - it will help to avoid carrying over the dash without preceding words.
Use the code syntax SendKeys "^+", Thiele emulation simultaneously pressing function keys Ctrl+Shift+Space (spacebar) in your Visual Basic application to implement the procedure insert a Nonbreaking space into the desired document.