Generally, the cucumbers - culture growing, if it is kept in favourable conditions, after planting the seeds already after 25-27 days the seedlings can be planted in a permanent place. When transplanting plants, it is very important to the earth warmed up to 15 degrees, therefore landing them in the greenhouse favorable is the period from the 10th to 20th of may, and landing in open ground in early June.

Of course, these limits can vary depending on climate zone. If you decide to grow cucumbers in the open ground, before planting hardening guide cucumbers: first daily ventilate the room with the seedlings, and for five to seven days to "move" seedlings daily expose her to the balcony for an hour or two. This will help plants better adapt after the transplant, will save from death. The day before planting, treat the seedlings with immunotsitofit Appin, or any other similar tool.

How to plant cucumber seedlings in open ground

It is very important for planting seedlings properly prepare the beds. Remember, cucumbers like a very fertile and loose soil, so even in the fall to fertilize the beds, and when planting only proryhlit them. If the autumn preparation was removed, the organics can be made locally directly in the planting hole.

So, make a bed width of not more than 130 inches (so you can easily get to its middle from both sides), of course, clean from branches, leaves and other debris, dig and make holes in a checkerboard pattern at a distance of a little less than half a meter from each other (per square meter of about four plants).

Each hole pour water, then put decomposed organic fertilizer (manure), lightly sprinkle it with soil, then planted the cucumbers, sprinkle the earth and gently tamp the soil around the plants. Each plant pour a liter of warm water, multiroute the soil with straw.

In any case, do not plant cucumbers in the garden, where last year was grown pumpkin, zucchini, squash, beets, squashes, etc. Immediately after planting, tie up cucumbers do not need, however, once plants 30-35 inches in length is a must.

It is very important when transplanting cucumbers not to damage the roots of seedlings for the procedure, pour the plants, to soil ball easily removed from the pot. Remember, cucumbers are much better tolerated transplant in the evening hours, so try to tree planting to carve out some free time in the period from 17.00 to 20.00 hours.