Advice 1: How to know who's using my Internet

Users can use someone else's login and password to access the Internet, this applies mainly to customers of ISPs that do not use the binding to your network card. That also applies to access via Wi-Fi.
How to know who's using my Internet
You will need
  • - the number of technical support your provider.
Make sure that your Internet someone is using. It is possible that at the moment undergoing renovations to your location, because Internet access is not available for you. Contact technical support to clarify the reason why you can't get online.
For treatment you will need to specify the details of the login and password for entering to the provider in the future could find out who among its subscribers uses your Internet. Also note the number of incoming and outgoing traffic for a certain period of time, you can do it in the user's personal account on the website of your ISP.
If you are using wireless technology to connect to the Internet (wifi), check the connection speed and the amount of traffic passing through your account.
You can also track the number of incoming and outgoing traffic through your computer, and then if a difference is change the user name and password to use wireless Internet. To do this, enter in your browser IP address of the router and navigate to the reset. Specify new security settings and enter your new username and password for the connection.
In order to establish the identity of the person who uses your wired Internet, contact the provider at the time when the data login password was with his computer. Find out who is using your wireless Internet is almost impossible.
If your ISP offers change login and password without written request, do it in your user account. Log into it and navigate to security settings, enter the new login information using numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.
Useful advice
Periodically change your username and password to access the Internet.

Advice 2 : How to open router settings

Routers are fairly wide class of routing devices, but for home or office networks, this word usually indicates a device that distributes the transmitted packets of data between the connected computers and connected line the Internet connection. As a rule, access router settings possible via a browser from any computer hosted on a local network.
How to open router settings
Make sure that the router is energized and the computer from which you want to go into the control panel settings of this device connected to its secondary LAN. Such a connection can be arranged through the wireless WI-FI connection (which requires a coded key) or a direct wired connection through a twisted pair cable with connectors RJ-45.
Launch any browser installed on your operating system, and in its address bar type the URL and press Enter. Depending on the type of router this address can be different, but most often use IP addresses of,, If any of them will not work, the address for your model please specify in the instructions for use.
Enter in the appropriate fields username and password - this form will be present on the page loaded in the browser after clicking on url. If you have not changed the settings, username and default password will be very simple - for example, the same username and password is admin for ASUS routers, the username is admin and the password for Zyxel is 1234 username is admin and password is password for Netgear the username is admin and no password for D-Link. Some devices have additional routing protection on this page - for example, a router D-Link requires more input in the additional field set of letters and numbers downloaded on the picture.
Click send authorization after all required fields are filled. The router will compare the entered data with the stored values and loads in a browser window control panel for its settings. If the authorization data is incorrect, you will see a confirmation message and will receive an additional attempt. If you have changed the factory password and login, and now I can't remember them, it is necessary to press the Reset button on the router to restore the username and password by default. However, keep in mind that this will reset all other changes you have made in your router settings.
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