To check traffic use Traffic Inspector intended to take into account to save bandwidth on the Internet. The program allows you to systematically account for and control the rates, to control the speed and loading of the channel. Using Traffic Inspector, you can check for viruses email and webtraffic, consider all the emails to filter spam. The program allows you to block ads and pop-UPS and unwanted sites.
Download a free program such as BitTally that can provide all the necessary accounting, control and analysis of network traffic.
Many businesses and companies today install the ProxyInspector - accounting system traffic. The above program is designed to accommodate traffic of the Internet and control over the targeted use of the Internet employees of the company. But it's all programs multifunction.
There are a number of very handy freeware programs with narrow specialization, focused on counting traffic and control costs on the Internet. These programs are ideal for working in local network. These include free software product vAv Traffic Watcher and vAv iNet StatistiX ( The first details and carefully considers each byte and a timely reminder that the daily or monthly limit has been exceeded, or even will disconnect in order to prevent overspending of funds.
If you need to calculate your financial investments in the currency of any country to calculate the schedule diversion of money that occurred during the week, and to determine current account status, download vAv iNet StatistiX (
More powerful program TMeter (, able to lead and monitor statistics relating to traffic , separately for the local network and the Internet, has a powerful system of filters, with which it is possible to consider only the traffic which belongs to the useful.
All programs have an intuitive interface and user menu, but because the downloaded ON should just run. The results of the program are given in the tables.