Battery selection

Battery is definitely the most important part of any machine. To avoid problems when starting the engine, battery (battery) have to match the power of the car. The higher the engine capacity, the more capacity has to be battery. For example, "Zhiguli", it is desirable to set the battery capacity 60 a/h. These requirements correspond to robust domestic battery: battery tymen, "Aktekh", "AKOM" and others. Taking into account modern requirements to ride the day with dim light, this will guarantee a constant working condition of the battery. On the other hand it is unacceptable to put a heavy duty battery because such a battery can lead to failure of the electrical components of the car.
For the same reason, do not come with the request "to light" to the owners of powerful cars – high current on engine start-up can play a cruel joke.

Watch the level of electrolyte

The electrolyte in a battery consists of a 36% aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. Its average density should be 1.28 g/CC Lead plates in banks are fully immersed – the electrolyte level must rise above them by 10-15 mm. perform Measurement using a glass tube, dropping it in the plug hole to the plate and holding a finger on the top hole. Column height in the tube should correspond to those figures.
On a battery with a transparent body, the level of the electrolyte is determined visually. It should be between marks min and max.

As a result of the operation an evaporation of the water component of the solution and the drop in the level. In this case, it is necessary to add banks in distilled water. The electrolyte is added only in the event of spillage of the solution. It is in any case not allowed to fill directly into banks concentrated acid!
If you operate maintenance-free storage battery, then the procedure of refilling is not provided. However, this type of battery requires more stringent requirements in operation.

Other operating rules AKB

Order your battery for a long time and failed in the most critical situations, observe the following basic rules for its use:
– please follow the correct operation of relays-generator and intermittently measure the generated voltage;
keep pole the conclusions of the battery clean. It is advisable to cover them with grease;
– do not store the battery in a discharged state;
– run the engine briefly (5-10 sec) inclusions starter with breaks for 10-15 seconds.