You will need
  • A set of screwdrivers.
Press the socket, slide the trim window winder up to its full output. Then, remove the handle and trim.
Carefully remove the screws and remove the handle of the armrest and the pocket door trim. Use a screwdriver to remove the trim around the inner door handle, you can then turn the button of deenergizing of the lock.
After removing the knob rearview mirror and interior surfaces, remove the retaining screws and remove the mirror.
Remove the door trim, you will need to overcome the resistance of spring-loaded plastic holders, then remove the seals of the glass. Remove the protective plate, through the holes in the inner door panel.
Remove the screws, remove the glass guide rails, and disconnect the clip from the glass plate. After the clip is disconnected, remove the nuts that secure the window regulator, and remove it. Remove the drop glass through the top.
If the car VAZ-2114 is equipped with a power window, the glass is raised and lowered by the transfer of torque from the gearmotor to the lifter mechanism, and further movement of the cable, which is attached to the mount plate drop glass vertically. Before you dismantle the door of VAZ 2114, disconnect from the connector gearmotor switch. Then, remove the window, remove the support – now you can disconnect the gearmotor.
Disconnect from the lock pull the outer and inner door handles, Unscrew the mounting nuts and then remove the outside door handle.
If the vehicle is equipped with electrical interlocking door lock after removing the door trim, unplug the connector of the gearmotor and traction. After that, remove the screws, remove the lock. Gently pull the inside door handle with bracket, after removing the screws.