Advice 1: How to make a punching bag

A Boxing bag or punching bag today it is very easy to buy in the store. But you can make it yourself. Ways lot. We will consider the most acceptable.
to make Boxing bag
The best material is leather - it could be old leather jackets, and boots. The long leather is not torn, not soiled and does not leave scratches on his hands. But in addition the skin use a tarp, heavy fabric, and other materials. We stop the choice on the skin.
Start with a leather canvas. Its length is usually about 150 cm Fold in half, sew two vertical lines 2-3 times a nylon thread and sew the corners in an arc to make a round bottom.
Next, stitch the second bagwith a diameter of 0.5-1 cm less than the first and third, still smaller. They are nested into each other.
Several bags sew to pear is of high quality and to the sand it was not the air with dust. By the way, the seams can be in addition to glue.
The next stage - filler. It can be a variety of sawdust and sand, pebbles and other small stones, chopped rubber tires, etc. best inner bag fill with pebbles or other non-acute stones, and the remaining space filled in with sand - so the pear will be firm enough and durable.
Further compaction of sand and stones repeatedly hit the bag on the floor, that he stamped.
At the top of the circle vsheyte the ring through the carabiners hung on the chain. You can do a little easier and hang your bag to the tube with screws on the ceiling.
Holding power is directly proportional to the weight of the bag. The lighter the bag, the easier it is to attach it. It is best to place a sports equipment in the garage or at the cottage.
Useful advice
The hook, which is often used by beginners, usually can not withstand the weight of pear and breaks it. There is another way of fasteners: nylon strap or nylon tape provorachivaetsya to the ceiling, and the pear is hung from a climbing carabiner.

Advice 2: How to choose gloves for punching bag

Gloves – an essential piece of equipment for boxers, kick-boxers and other athletes of martial arts attack. Price spread is very large, which complicates the selection process, especially for someone who is just beginning his Boxing career.
How to choose gloves for punching bag

Selection criteria of Boxing gloves

For proper selection of gloves for pear, you must first decide how much you're willing to pay for this equipment. Depend on the quality of the material and brand of the manufacturer of the gloves. Then you can safely choose any size and color equipment.

Type of gloves

All Boxing gloves, depending on their purpose, can be divided into three major groups: combat, training and shell. To the punching bag would be perfect with dressy gloves. This equipment is specially designed to work on a variety of shells – paws, pears, bags and makiwara. These gloves are thinner and weigh significantly less than training and fighting. They completely repeat the structure of the knuckle and come in different sizes.

Clasp or Velcro

If you wish to have gloves is perfect to sit on your wrist – choose a model with laces. Disadvantage of this equipment is that you will not be able to lace up by yourself. That is why the best choice for bakirovna on pear will be the model for Velcro.

Material of gloves

Material is another important criterion, on the basis of which you should select gloves for martial arts. Basically gloves are made from natural and artificial leather. The first option would be preferable. Model of genuine leather will last longer. They keep their shape and prevent the sweating of the hands. The only drawback is the high price.

Model leatherette quickly lose their original shape, burst and tear. Hands in this outfit sweat heavily, can cause discomfort and distract from the training process.
The sale can be found and combined models of gloves.

Filler gloves

Boxing gloves filled with polyurethane, of wool or horsehair. The best choice will be the model with polyurethane filler because they hold their shape well.

Color gloves

Amateur Boxing gloves are the main colors blue and red. Competitive models can have only these colors, with white striking surface. Color variety of gloves for punching bag knows no bounds. You can choose the color of the outfit according to your taste.

Weight gloves

The weight of Boxing gloves is measured in ounces (oz): 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Weight equipment can vary depending on the nature and purpose of the exercise. So, to speed development you should choose the easiest option, and to improve the power endurance model with a weight of 18-20 oz. Keep in mind, the heavier the more should weigh and your gloves.
When fitting gloves use the same principles as when buying shoes. Gloves should not be much press and dangle on the wrist. They should be measured, pre-wound on a special Boxing fist bandages.

Brand gloves

Companies that produce really high-quality equipment for Boxing, not so much, but almost all of them are distinguished by their technological highlights. The popularity of the brand and the technology used affect the price of the gloves. Than brand more famous, the more expensive it will cost you equipment. A lot of love among boxers use gloves brands such as Everlast, Ringside, Rivals, Adidas, Lonsdale.

Advice 3: How to make a punching bag with their hands

At first glance, to make a punching bag with their hands is easy enough to find durable fabric, sew a bag and fill it up. But it's not. For each work stage has its own rules.
A punching bag can be done by hand
If there is a need to practice the strokes at home, you can make a punching bag with their hands. First you need to prepare the materials and tools that you need while working.

How to choose the fabric and filler?

To manufacture a punching bag will need a fairly large piece of thick fabric, as it needs to be folded in several layers. The optimal choice of genuine leather or leatherette. If you can not find this material, you can take the tarpaulin. If you use it, to work out the beats you need to wear gloves, as it is likely to damage the skin. With a pear of leather or imitation leather it is possible to train with his bare hands.

As a filler you can use river sand or well-dried sawdust. In the first case, the shell will turn hard, the second easy. However, bag of sawdust can be heavier, using as the inner layer of small rounded stones. Instead of sand you can take a pic. But best of all placeholders is rubber crumb.

In addition to these materials you will need steel wire and durable chain. Tools will need scissors, nylon thread, needle, pliers, the tape.

The stages of the punching bag

Boxing round can be done in the form of a pear or cylinder. In any case, it must have a bottom, so the first thing to do is to determine the diameter and height of the product. Next, the leather or canvas is cut the circle and duplicate this item, as the bottom should be double.

Then use the tape measure to measure the circumference, leaving the seam 5-10 cm). This figure will determine the length of fabric. To the desired height of the projectile add 2-3 cm and get the size of the web, which will represent its sides.

Then the fabric cut out rectangles the size you want. Enough to have 2-3 layers but you can do more. Parts are placed on one another and perform on the sewing machine stitches at a distance of 1-2 cm from the edges. Further, prostrachivajut the bottom, then sew up the side height of the projectile. Should get the bag in the form of a cylinder of several layers of fabric. Such material is not always possible to stitch on the sewing machine, so part of the work will have to be done manually with a needle, a knitting hook and strong thread.

Next, start stuffing the pears to the selected placeholder. It should be enough to top left 15=20 cm free space. Then made a mount by which the projectile is suspended: the top of the cylinder pull the steel wire from which to form a small ring. To him cling durable (preferably climbing) carabiner. In the right place at the premises to the ceiling, attach the chain and hang the finished Boxing round.

Advice 4: How to choose a Boxing bag

A Boxing bag or punching bag is a sports equipment on which to practice and improve the impact athletes. It helps to develop accuracy, rigidity and speed of impact. Made punching bags from leather or artificial leather, sometimes canvas. Inside they Packed plastic or crumb rubber, rags, sawdust. To correctly choose a Boxing bag, you need to know what they are. And talk about this.
How to choose a Boxing bag
Heavy Boxing bag is a rather large cylinder, which weighs from 60 to 110 kg. Due to its gravity they are equipped with very powerful suspension system. Heavy punching bags are large in size and high in cost and therefore are mainly used in the halls.
Heavy Boxing bag is great for practicing basic strokes. Because of its weight it difficult to lose, and therefore, it can also work out the kicks. The main purpose of heavy Boxing bags – aid athletes in working out the force of the blow and lethal series.
Medium Boxing bag is used not only in halls but also at home. The form has a cylindrical or pear (hence the name "punching bag"). The weight of the average bag is around 30-60 kg. It is convenient to hang on the bar of the house, because the powerful mounts he requires, and is a lot less.
The average Boxing bag will help to work out a fairly wide range of strikes, but the legs on it to beat already difficult. Just the kind of bag badly shaken. But for the workout of punches, he is perfect.
Lightweight Boxing bag is done in the form of a pear and weighs 5-30 kg. it can do even a child. And adults this bag helps develop speed bumps.
The horizontal uppercut heavy bag has a cylindrical shape and is suspended horizontally. The name implies that it is intended for working off of blows of uppercuts. The weight of this bag is around 25-50 kg.
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