The best material is leather - it could be old leather jackets, and boots. The long leather is not torn, not soiled and does not leave scratches on his hands. But in addition the skin use a tarp, heavy fabric, and other materials. We stop the choice on the skin.
Start with a leather canvas. Its length is usually about 150 cm Fold in half, sew two vertical lines 2-3 times a nylon thread and sew the corners in an arc to make a round bottom.
Next, stitch the second bagwith a diameter of 0.5-1 cm less than the first and third, still smaller. They are nested into each other.
Several bags sew to pear is of high quality and to the sand it was not the air with dust. By the way, the seams can be in addition to glue.
The next stage - filler. It can be a variety of sawdust and sand, pebbles and other small stones, chopped rubber tires, etc. best inner bag fill with pebbles or other non-acute stones, and the remaining space filled in with sand - so the pear will be firm enough and durable.
Further compaction of sand and stones repeatedly hit the bag on the floor, that he stamped.
At the top of the circle vsheyte the ring through the carabiners hung on the chain. You can do a little easier and hang your bag to the tube with screws on the ceiling.
Holding power is directly proportional to the weight of the bag. The lighter the bag, the easier it is to attach it. It is best to place a sports equipment in the garage or at the cottage.