A common cause of poor quality of washing in the washing machine

The reason for the poor quality of the Laundry is often just a detergent. Washing powder should be designed specifically for automatic washing machines. This should be written on the package. No less important is the choice of the manufacturer. If your washing machine does not cope with cleaning spit things may change the manufacturer of the powder will be the solution.

Another frequent cause of bad washing in the machine - use detergent in the wrong amounts. Manufacturers of washing powders indicate on the packaging the optimal dose of use of for washing. If this dose does not comply, the result might disappoint you. Too little dosage will not allow you to extend linen, and a large amount of powder will lead to the appearance of white spots and stains on the fabric.
In addition, when hard water is necessary to slightly increase the amount of detergent and the soft waters, on the contrary, to reduce.

Check carefully whether you have included washing mode. You may erase things that require a particular mode, together with other things. Also do not forget that there are spots which cannot be removed by any powder. Things with strong dirt need or pre-cleaned, using spot removers, or dry-cleaned.

White stains on clothes can be formed and due to the preliminary zastiryvaniya things. For example, many Housewives who wish to withdraw from the greasy stain, use detergent for dishes. They evenly it is applied to the spot and sent the clothes to the Laundry with additional adding in a tray of powder. The result is a large amount of foam from detergent for dishes and white spots appear on things. This method can be used, but before the washing process in the washing machine detergent should be washed off with tissue.

The reason for what things after washing left dirty, can be a common mold. Formed on the walls of the drum, it can eat into the fabric. But because after each washing you need to dry the machine is to keep ajar the door.

Shortcomings in the work of washing machines, as a reason for poor quality wash

Washed off bad things can talk about any disadvantages of working washing machine. For example, poorly water heating significant contamination from the surface of the tissue is not removed. If the broken heater, which is responsible for the observance of a temperature mode of washing, the water heating can be absent altogether.

In that case, if water is heated, but after washing on things there are stains and dirty stains, the cause may be wear of the bearings of the drum in which the lubricant flows into the tank of the machine.
Getting on the clothes allocated to the worn washing machine bearings lubrication leaves a vague dark spots, which are then very difficult to remove.

To determine why the car washes bad things, look at how spinning during the wash drum. If it works poorly or not at all idle, good quality of washing, however.

If you suspect that your washing machine is a kind of failure, should promptly contact customer service. Skilled artisans will diagnose, determine the cause, have a negative impact on the quality of the wash, and make the necessary repairs.

To the washing machine lasts you a long time, well coping with its functions, follow best practices for its operation specified in the instructions to the product.