Advice 1: How to straighten a wheel

To rectify wheel machine, you can contact the service center or do it yourself. The edit wheel is straightening the cast disc. With such problem it is better to address in service centers where there is the necessary equipment.
How to straighten a wheel
You will need
  • - Jack;
  • - sledgehammer;
  • - hammer;
  • - water.
First, remove the damaged wheel. For this you need to raise the car using the Jack and pull the wheel with fasteners.
Put the wheel on a horizontal surface. Better on the floor, because from the top you need to put a heavy load, otherwise it from strong blows with a sledgehammer will jump on the floor.
Now do "rough" work. Wrinkled disk space straighten with a hammer. This is rather difficult because the disk is very hard to work. You need to make the most power, to get the result. So don't be afraid to overdo it and hit too hard.
Then you take the hammer and place it to the edge of the rim on the inner side of the disk, and to incite a sledgehammer to hammer to gently correct the mistakes of rough work. "Jewelry" edits you need to make as long as rim does not take the form of a regular circle.
Now you need to check, do not miss any water fixed you wheel. To do this drench it with water and watch. If the wheel's surface will appear bubbles, it means that at this point the wheel is in a coma, and you want to knock out with a hammer as long as air bubbles will not be or give the wheel rolling to the car wash. If no bubbles, then work on straightening the wheels are finished and can be put in place.
You may not notice that the drive wheels have long been corrupted. But to drive a car is extremely dangerous. To detect damage to the disk is as follows: when driving a car pushes in a certain direction, there is need to look for a damaged wheel. The machine may not enter, but if you experience discomfort while riding, jumping machine, the disks needs to be checked.
Useful advice
Many motorists believe that the damaged disks it is better not to fix it, and immediately discarded. The fact is that even after rolling the car, the disk in a corrupt state. But from the rolling. After this alignment disk is formed with many microcracks, which in the cold or when the wheel strikes the disk just fall apart.

Advice 2: Why is squeaking wheel

When the motorist asks: "Why the wheel is squeaking?", he is referring to the creaking brake pads. A similar problem can occur even on a new car. The brake system may in this case not be affected, but unpleasant sound will interfere with driving.
Why is squeaking wheel

One of the causes of squeaking wheels can be brand new brake pads. If you grind the new pads, it is recommended to wait 2 to 3 days, and then the creaking may be held. The squeaking may be due to the presence of a specific layer mixed with new brake Shoe. This impurity is the cause of the unpleasant sound. To cope with this problem faster, you can resort to disperse the car to 100 km/h and then sudden braking. After several such attempts the brake pads warm up and the impurities will burn out.

The next cause of difficulty is the presence of the wear indicator on the brake pad (metal plate). When pad wear becomes excessive, the brake disc begins to come into contact with a plate of metal, with the result that there is a characteristic unpleasant sound. In this case, immediately replace the brake pads. If you use new pads, but the wear indicator is also in contact with the brake disk, unable to make a conclusion that metal plate poorly attached. For this reason, is the contact of metal parts and, consequently, there is a squeak.

The most common cause of squeaky wheels is a poor material from which made the brake pads. It may well be that you have bought fake car parts or these pads, but the rejected party. The bad parts can cause damage to the brake disc, then you will need to change the disks and pads. So we need urgently to replace the parts that are causing the squeak.

However, the case is not always as. It may be that the new brake pads is incompatible with the rims of your vehicle as some manufacturers produce products made of different components that are not suitable for all models and brands of cars.

Advice 3: How to straighten the wing

Cars are often caught in minor accidents. The result of these troubles are scratches and dents on the front wing. The elimination of damage repairable car on their own will allow you to save money.
How to straighten the wing
You will need
  • - Jack;
  • square extension on the toothed rail;
  • - straightening hammer;
  • - wooden bars.
Remove the wheel damaged the wing. Install the Jack under the Jack strong stand support. Then, under the wing place near the recess for the lights on the stiffener alone any bar. Another place in the rear part of the wing that is on the front shield of the car body.
On the toothed rack of the Jack put a square tube extension. Then place the Jack between the bars and operating them as well as when performing car lift, stretch, pleated, respira wing from the inside. The dent will be reduced on the eyes, a small bump will remain only on the lower wing abortive.
Putting the support on the front side, podejmuje this pothole, lightly tapping with a hammer on the inner side of the wing. Jack it does not loosen. May have decorative raised lines on the wing will be a bit of a bubble. To eliminate it, wrap a wooden rail with a rag, lay it just under the line and tap it with a hammer.
Remember that if the area of the alignment enters the stiffener, to start the leveling should be with him. Edit and nikolajevaite the rib, bringing the line to its original condition, then proceed with straightening other sites.
Once finished straightening, do not rush to loosen the Jack. The fact that due to lack of elasticity of the wing can again be deformed. To avoid this, at the end of work tighten the Jack a couple of clicks, overpowering this deformation-induced elasticity. And then remove it.
In the case of deformation correction method with the alignment as such, almost never used: the wing was stretched a Jack and slightly tweaked at the edge. To align the indentations formed as a result of a side impact on the wing, stretching will not be enough. Needed straightening, with which the "extra" metal that is formed from the stretch will be distributed over a large number of tiny bumps.
Performing a straightening remember that it should start from the edges of the dent and move to the center in a narrowing spiral. For determining the area of the end dents spend it on crosswise straightening with a file, and then nikolajevaite wing from the inside with a hammer with a sharp nose.
Proceed to the alignment of the dents once the metal is tensioned, that is, when straightening the cloth will remove the tops of the tubercles over the entire surface. Conducting alignment straightening "saw", do not be afraid that hole it metal (thickness of the wing is 0.5–0.6 mm). After working canvas level the surface with solder or putty.

Advice 4: Why bask the wheels of the car

The wheels are heated on all cars, especially in the summer. Nothing in this terrible there. If the brake system has a problem, it can lead to problems with tires and disks.
Formula 1
The wheels are heated on all the machines. Someone didn't pay attention to it, others really care. From the point of view of physical laws, the heated wheel is a normal phenomenon, especially in urban environments. The machine is constantly moving, slows down, accelerates. All this leads to a friction force. As you know, the friction of one surface on another a fever.

Riding in the summer

If the movement of the car takes place in the summer, the wheels are heated from contact with hot asphalt. Plus, the sun's rays affect the tires, heating them. In the end while riding in the summer, you can smell the tar that comes from the wheels. This is a normal phenomenon. Importantly, this process was not associated with breakdowns.

Tires in Formula 1"

In road racing class "Formula 1" pilots of the two hours travel over two hundred kilometers. High speed, continuous overtaking, cornering, braking cause the tires rapidly heat up and begin to fade, deform. As a result, each of the participants of the Grand Prix definitely at least twice the calls in the pits to change tyres. Otherwise, significantly reduced the speed of the car, from the tires flying pieces of rubber.

Riding in urban environments

All this applies to higher speeds when the rider is racing on the limit, constantly maneuvering. In urban environments also heated wheel, though not much to cause deformation. Why, then, on some vehicles, the heated tires that they cannot be touched?

In this case there are some fault.

First, if the disks are not ventilated, it leads to rapid overheating. Of course, the hot disks warm tires.

Secondly, when Gavarnie pads are pressed excessively, it leads to overheating of the discs. As indicated above, this heat up the tires. In this case, it is necessary to adjust the work pad.

Third, if the base of the caliper is not working properly, it also leads to overheating of wheel.

The wheels on the bus hot. The laws of physics can not escape. Large speed, braking, turns strongly heat up the tires. If the drive takes place on a hot summer day in the city, then the wheels cannot be touched – they are so hot.
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