You will need
  • - Jack;
  • - sledgehammer;
  • - hammer;
  • - water.
First, remove the damaged wheel. For this you need to raise the car using the Jack and pull the wheel with fasteners.
Put the wheel on a horizontal surface. Better on the floor, because from the top you need to put a heavy load, otherwise it from strong blows with a sledgehammer will jump on the floor.
Now do "rough" work. Wrinkled disk space straighten with a hammer. This is rather difficult because the disk is very hard to work. You need to make the most power, to get the result. So don't be afraid to overdo it and hit too hard.
Then you take the hammer and place it to the edge of the rim on the inner side of the disk, and to incite a sledgehammer to hammer to gently correct the mistakes of rough work. "Jewelry" edits you need to make as long as rim does not take the form of a regular circle.
Now you need to check, do not miss any water fixed you wheel. To do this drench it with water and watch. If the wheel's surface will appear bubbles, it means that at this point the wheel is in a coma, and you want to knock out with a hammer as long as air bubbles will not be or give the wheel rolling to the car wash. If no bubbles, then work on straightening the wheels are finished and can be put in place.