At the mention of wheels in mind come rims. Just think how many cars you see every day. Some simple, cheap drives, and other expensive, high strength alloys. You can share all the design of car wheels into three major groups – stamped, cast, forged. Each type has its positive and negative traits. Design options too much. If you have decided to choose the disks on the car, you should know at least the basics of each type.

Stamped discs

The most common types of wheels, cheap and require minimal maintenance. Among their advantages, we can highlight the price, resistance to deformation. Negative – discreet appearance, which, however, is easily hidden with plastic caps. Installed these wheels on a budget model car at the plant.

When released into the pit, for example, the disk breaks, only bends. To fix the consequences is possible at any station where you carry out the wheel balancing. Straighten up and hang up in certain places weights is all you need to do for Troubleshooting. Moreover, the repair will be very expensive, even a complete replacement of all disks will not be able to hit the pocket of the owner.

Alloy wheels

Higher in price, much more attractive look. Benefits – a huge selection of shapes, designs, colors. Minus – aluminum from which made the disks, with a sharp shock is not bent, and covered with tiny cracks. However, you need to make a huge effort to damage the wheel. Unfortunately, repairing such disks cannot be. In the case of formation of cracks it must be replaced.

Many people are attracted to a variety of forms. You can find almost any design. At a price, however, the cheapest cast disc stand as two of the stamp, but pay attention to the material. Aluminium, though fragile, but lightweight metal. Hence, the mass of all the wheels is much less than that of the stamp. The speed the car goes faster, the braking distance is reduced, the controllability is improved.

Forged wheels

These discs can be attributed to the category of the elite, as the value of one, the very cheap cost of three or four cheap cast wheels. Forged combine the advantages of molded and extruded disc, they are light, resistant to deformation. However, there are also negative features – a small selection of forms (alloy wheels competition do not constitute).

But the load that is able to withstand the wheel is very large. The probability that the disc will bend down when getting into the pit, practically zero. If you want the quality and design you're not worried, at the same time you are low on finances, it is better to give their preference to forged wheels.