You will need
  • - the deck of 36 cards
"Guessing cards" - very simple trick by which you will be able to call cards. These cards, two people will choose from the deck.

You will need a deck of cards marked with Latin letters. To show the trick, divide the deck into two types of cards: one should consist of cards with numbers or letters with a flat or pointed top (the ACE (A), king (K), j (J), 3, 4, 5, 7, and the second of the cards with numbers or letters with round top (Queen (Q), 2, 6, 8, 9, 10. Practice, you will be able to sort the cards fast in front of the audience.
Call two volunteers and, dividing the deck into two parts of different type, give each one of the parts. Ask each of the two participants in the focus pulled one card from the deck to the other. Now, each assistant should take a look at the card that he chose to show it to the audience and to remember. You can look away or squint. Next, each participant must put the selected card in its half of the deck and thoroughly shuffle the cards.

Ask the assistants to lay on the table face-up cards of their halves of the deck. You will easily guess the card selected by the assistants, because they are of a different type.
The next focus is built on arithmetic. Remember the figure of 27 – you'll need it. Then ask the spectator to take the cards and shuffle them, select a card and put it on top of the deck. Then ask them to remove any number of cards and count them, let's say, 15 cards. Then let the viewer to count the number of red cards among them, for example, 6. Next, let's take the second part of the deck and turn face up, count down and remember the sixth black card. The viewer then has to put that part of the deck on the cards that he took at the beginning and all the cards have to give you. The deck is turned face up, and you lay one card on the bottom, mentally counting the black cards, 27-15=12 - the twelfth card will be the card chosen by the spectator.
Another simple but very effective focus.

Shuffle the deck and memorize the bottom or top card, e.g. the ACE of diamonds. Ask any spectator to give you from the deck the ACE of diamonds. The viewer pulls out from the deck any card and, without looking at her, gives it to you. For example, the Queen of hearts. Ask the same audience to pull out of the deck, the Queen of hearts, the viewer will pull another card and again give it to you. For example, he pulled out a 6 of clubs. Then you say: "And now the 6 of clubs I pulled from the deck itself," then quietly take from the deck the card that you memorized at the beginning of focus. Now you hold all 3 of the declared card: ACE of diamonds, Queen of hearts and 6 of clubs. Show the cards to the audience.