Before the first use of the oven remove all internal equipment and wash it in warm water with detergent. The first heat will be the smell of "new device", so the kitchen should be ventilated.
For ignition of the oven turn the knob of temperature control to the middle position and let the gas.
At the same time hold the burner lighted match or click averotica. If your oven has the function of GASCONTROL after ignition the control knob should hold the position for 10-15 seconds, or GASCONTROL it will extinguish.
Wait until the flame stabiliziruemost and install power flame to the desired value. As a rule, the lower the temperature of the oven corresponds to 150 degrees, and the top - 280.
If the burner flame is extinguished or is not lit, turn off the gas, wait at least a minute and try again.
To deactivate the oven turn the control knob to position "0". The gas will be shut off and the flame goes out.