You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - duct tape;
  • three - or four-pin plug;
  • - three-pin socket outlet with grounding;
  • - copper wire cross section 4 mm2;
  • - automatic fuse 32 A.
Carefully read the instructions and find out the marginal power consumption of the oven. After that select the appropriate power socket and fuse-automatic (with a power consumption of about 6 kW maximum current is about 32 A).
Install a standard Euro outlet with a protective grounding contact, is calculated on 32 And close to the proposed place of installation of the oven and connect to lactoseti apartments on separate lines. It is best to use a three-core copper wire with a cross section of 4 mm2 and an auto fuse 40 A.
Remove the metal shield located on the back side of the oven, you will see three wires (red, white, and black). On boards with four-pin adapters, there is also a green wire that's connected to the earth.
Connect the colored wires of the adapter connector terminals. Push the cord through the lower opening so that the installation of a protective shield did not interfere with further manipulations. The colors of the wires of the cord to match the colors of the connector wires: red and black - alternating current, white and green – land. Screw the screws the wires to the connector, make sure all connections are tight and wrap them with electrical tape if the joints are close to each other.
Screw the protective metal shield in place.
Install the oven, leaving about 10 cm between the device and the wall.
Put the plug in the socket. If the current is turned on, the oven should work. Check out all of the oven functions to ensure that they work properly.