The paint should protect the wood from abrasion, to prevent its contact with moisture, reduce the risk of mold. Are there any compounds, capable of providing all of these effects? It is necessary to consider the main options of paint, suitable for floors of wood.

Acrylic paint for wood floor

Considered one of the best options as it has such advantages like high water resistance, ability to resist abrasion, environmental friendly. This product is perfect for interior work, including when is the repair of floor of wood. Still, the wear resistance of this coating is not so great as some other teams. In addition, since acrylic paint is difficult to work with, because she pounded on the surface due to low elasticity.

Alkyd floor paint from wood

Provides more consistent protection than the above option. While alkyd paint withstands exposure to moisture, and dries quickly. Another undoubted advantage of this material you can call it a rich color. The floor will be to maintain a long bright color and look like new. But it is worth considering that such a solution emit an unpleasant odor. And for work in residential areas it is not well suited due to a lack of environmental friendliness.

Latex floor paint from wood

The owners quite often use this material, although it can quickly deteriorate literally washed off with water and cleaning products. At the same time, the undoubted advantage of composition you can call it a perfect environmental friendliness. A layer of latex paint is easily breathable, dries quickly, is "stretched" over the surface during operation. It is not surprising that latex is selected in many cases. Just have to consider that when it's used to update the floor will require quite often.

What else to paint a wooden floor

To paint the wooden floor you can use oil-based paint. But still it is not as well suited, as previously described compositions. Moreover, when re-repair to get rid of it easy. The owner can choose the material, which he will paint the floor. To achieve a good result will definitely succeed.