What is the soil for the tree

Primer for wooden surfaces, is available in liquid form, the composition should be applied with a brush, while the wood forms a completely colourless coating.

The most common and time-tested are soils brand "Belinsky library", "Teks", "Aquatex" and "Tikkurila." The last part is only available in oil-based, so after treatment you need to use a topcoat, which also contains oil.

Why the need for primer for wood

Primer penetrates deep into wood 5-7 mm, depending on the quality, and it allows to achieve high protective properties. When applying the primer to a wood surface film is formed, which serves as additional protection and the link between the topcoat and the wood.

As the soil fills in the pores of the wood and penetrates deep into them, the subsequent flow of coating materials is greatly reduced. Because the wood will not be rapidly absorb impregnation. Proven by experts that if the tree is pre-process alkyd primer, consumption decorative and protective coatings will be reduced by 20-30%. And since the topcoat is an average of from 2.5 to 5 thousand, and the soil can be bought in the range of 1.5-2 thousand rubles, the savings are substantial.

But the savings in consumables is not the most important. A tree can destroy pests, and soil are special components that prevent this. Bark beetles and other insects do not like the tree is processed in a similar composition.

Wood can act destructively high humidity and temperature, the result is the appearance of blue stain and mould. And only treatment the soil can prevent this phenomenon. Tree does not darken, does not rot and will long serve.

As a result of using primer, the service life of decorative and protective coatings is extended to 5-7 years. This is especially true for wood, which is outside and exposed to rain, insects, sunlight. After processing wood in the soil is necessary for 3 months to treat the surface of the decorative coating.

So all masters are recommended to use a pre-primer for wood, because this measure can prevent many problems and will save money.