The connection of modern games computer steering wheels is made via a USB interface. Feature USB connectivity you'll be a fully automatic installation of the equipment, and gaming steering wheel is no exception.
Install the wheel on the table, securing it with the screw clamp, place the pedals under the Desk comfortable for foot place, and connect the USB cable to one of the respective ports of computer. The operating system will generate an automatic search of device drivers, and will report ready to work.
If Windows does not detect the appropriate driver for your racing wheel, go to "device Manager" by right click on the icon "My computer" on the desktop. In the list of installed hardware, find games the wheel and by clicking the right mouse button, select "Update driver software".
Following the prompts of the installation Wizard, the equipment will search for the driver on your computer. Typically, a suitable driver can be found on the disk attached to the device. But if such a disk, you can download the required driver on the manufacturer's official website by selecting the model and version of your operating system.
After the correct driver is installed and Windows will notify you of the availability of new equipment to work, you can start the game and choose as method of the control wheel.