As with many plants, suitable period for propagation of bamboo is a spring. It is worth noting that making the bamboo in this shape occurs by artificial means - by putting the trunk in a twisted wand, in which bamboo and gets its interesting shape. Because the shoots of the bamboo appear as foliage, to grow "twisted wand" is pretty hard work.
Reproduction of this exotic happening-root division. Because the roots of bamboo are quite hard, it is better to use material on hand to make the boarding process went successful. Also you can propagate bamboo by cutting off escape from the parent trunk and place it in water or soil.
The quality of the soil the bamboo is not whimsical, what's more its growing in the water much more successful. But to provide it with the necessary nutrition, it is recommended to enrich the soil or water with mineral substances.
Bamboo is a moisture-loving plant, not only in terms of irrigation, but also in terms of the condition of the air (its humidity). Therefore, water the bamboo every day, but given the season and condition. To understand the needs of bamboo, you should pay attention to it what it needs. When there is insufficient soil moisture, the leaves of bamboo are starting to curl, and if excessive SAG. A good way to create optimal conditions for the environment bamboo is an automatic or manual water spray, which creates high humidity needed by the plant.
Since bamboo is a plant of the tropics, sunlight is vitally important for him. Given the rapid growth and propagation of bamboo, should choose volume pot for planting. Another thing, when you plan to make frequent Seating and pruning bamboo. In this case, under the form you can pick up the original and a miniature vessel.