First, determine what motivates you in your desire to return to man. If you want to return it, because its really not enough, or just the desire to take revenge and ruin his life?
Be aware, left any man from you or gone to another woman. Remember that you need to forgive yourself or him because neither guilt nor resentment back any relationship will not work.
Make sure that you really need and be prepared to fight for your feelings.
Search for any bridges that have you linked. Do not try to return a man who went far away and can't communicate with you. Look for reasons to call, and if no reason, no common themes you do not, then your company will collapse.
It is not necessary to remember only the good. Think of all that was – and joy, and of error, your and it. Analyze the situation, understand why it all went wrong. In a relationship is always both to blame so don't blame only himself, or only his. Make as many conclusions – they will become your instrument for the return men.
Do not repeat their mistakes. Remember them all and try this time to do the opposite. If you used to throw man tantrums for any reason, now is the time to learn how to be calm and balanced, but if you're constantly crying from any of his words, then you need to learn to control myself.
If you are going to return man, change yourself. It change and not change yourself for his every whim. If you are really expensive these relationships, you will be able to transcend their own habits and their own pride. The main thing – not to fall once again in the eyes of the beloved.
Be patient and persistent. If you realized all your mistakes and willing to change, now everything is in your hands. At your first meeting just to make peace, do not make any sudden steps, it may only scare. Calmly Express all that pent up, and listen to everything you say, even if you don't like to hear it. There's a lot more to talk about other topics to distract from sensitive issues. Talk about what you both like to talk.
In any case, don't be Intrusive. Of course, if you are going to regain your man then you want to constantly be around him, but be patient. Not every man will be ready to return immediately. Do not make him hysterical, not to fall into dependence on him and in any case, not revenge.
Not every man is ready to return. But often there are many little things that have bound you so firmly that the chance to start over is still there. Good luck and be happy as all things are.