You will need
  • - pressure gauge;
  • - transferring unit;
  • - high pressure hose.
Understand for themselves that there is a difference between the pressuremeters in the fuel system and the pressurem the fuel pump. Normal pressure in the fuel system is 2.1-2.8 kg/sq cm In some brands of cars values may differ from the specified parameters in the direction of increasing. But pressure fuel pump substantially more and is 4.0-6.0 kg/sq cm
Use pressure-measuring fuel pump pressure gauge connected after the fuel filter. Connection make through the transitional device. On the opposite side of the adapter slip-and gasoline-proof hose, designed for high pressure, securing it with a clamp.
For some vehicles, where used clamps and threaded connections, use a hollow bolt of a suitable size to serve as an adapter. Screw the bolt into the fuel filter and connect pressure gauge. In some cases you will have to connect the gauge to the cold start injector, not the filter.
Test the pressure in the fuel system, if there are difficulties when starting the engine at the first attempt. This "symptom" may indicate a deterioration of the isolation properties of a control valve or check valve pump.
Test the pressure change in the fuel system with respect to time. Install pressure gauge, start the engine, then stop it and clear the readings in an hour, two hours, and after complete cooling of the engine. If you see that the pressure in the fuel system increased, and after reaching a value of about 2 kg/sq cm leveled off idle, we can assume the loss of the injector seal.