Cause damage to the pump

Pumps, or water pumps different models of cars are similar to each other: in the cover on bearings fixed shaft on one side of which is impeller and the other drive pulley, via which by means of the timing belt is driven by a rotor pump. Between the impeller and the body has a special gland. If it is damaged, the coolant begins to seep to the bearings and wash them with lubricant. For this reason, the water pump bearings operate with noise and may jam. The process of wear of the bearings is not the fastest, but it is not necessary to postpone the repair for a long time, otherwise, such carelessness can cost a costly engine repair.

Check condition of pump

Inspect the pump in several ways. One of the simplest methods is one in which you must squeeze the upper hose at the radiator, pre-heating of car engine. If the water pump is in working condition, the inside of the hose should feel a clear surge of coolant.
Tested in this way, be careful not to touch the blades of the water pump, as the engine heated to a high temperature.

In that case, when down came the seal of the holes on the water pump will begin to run coolant. It is necessary to remove the cover of the timing belt and inspect the control vent. If it has a brown sediment, the oil seal can be replaced without the pump or with it.
The procedure for replacing the seal is not very time-consuming and complex, however, greatly affect the serviceability of the cooling system as a whole, therefore, she can not neglect.

If the damage turned out to be the pump shaft bearing in the operation process of the engine you can hear the whistling sound in the front part. To determine bearing wear, check the shaft for looseness by razbaltyvaniya drive sprocket of the pump.

If there are no visible signs of wear of the water pump, you should remove the pump and conduct a more detailed inspection. You must do this, as often on the reverse side on the rotor have to see corroded blade. In such a situation is threatened the efficiency of the cooling system as a whole.