You will need
  • - voltmeter,
  • adapter with the scanner
  • - pressure gauge at 1450 ATM.
The end point starts low line high pressure, comprising:
- the fuel high-pressure pump (injection pump) with safety valve,
- the fuel high-pressure accumulator (TAVDA) with gauge and valve regulator;
- motor-injectors, plug-in electronic control unit (ECU);
- connecting tubes.
Diesel engine, unlike gasoline, is very sensitive to fuel injection. From the correctness of the set ignition timing depend on the main parameters of the motor (power, consumption of diesel fuel, resource). Change the crankshaft position at which the closure of the valve timing and the fuel injection into the cylinder, at least one risk to the "+" or "-", significantly changes the behavior of the power plant.
Specialists, fuel equipment, always with special responsibility came to installing fuel pump (fuel pump high pressure), meticulously comparing the torque of the drive clutch in accordance with the angle of start of injection. The Common Rail system has nullified all the efforts of the mechanics, with a mandate to monitor the specified parameters to the electronic control unit of the power plant.
Now the only problem when installing the injection pump to the engine is the articulation of the elements of the drive coupling. But the electronics tracks not only the time of the injection, she keeps an eye on the formation of high pressure in the fuel accumulator, on the left side of which is fixed a suitable sensor, sending signals to the ECU.
To verify that the system power and measure how high pressure it is necessary to conduct diagnosis. But what about those drivers who have motor refused to run, and the electrician we still have some way to get. To buy a scanner that costs ten thousand roubles and above, and carry it with you? Or buy a manometer and a half thousand atmospheres, the price of which is not below the adapter, turn the adapter to measure high pressure?
If you study carefully the documentation on the Common Rail, the output still there. To determine the parameters in TAVDA just attach a voltmeter to the red wire of high pressure sensor, turn ignition on and rotate the engine with the starter.At the time of turning the key to position "II" with the red wire must be removed voltage from 0.00 to 0.07 volts, when the starter this figure should be above 0.5 volts, which indicates the presence of pressures greater than 250 ATM. It is so much required for a successful motor start.
If the readings exceed 4.5 volts, which is equal to the pressure in TAVDA 1450 ATM. and above, the ECU instructs the valve controller, and it resets the fuel in the return line.