You will need
  • - passport and its copy;
  • - the statement;
  • - certificate of income or tax return;
  • - copy of driver's license.
In the showroom, select your favorite model Lada Priora. Price category of such cars starts from 311 thousand rubles per eight-valve sedan and goes up to as much as 400K. the machine is advanced equipment with two airbags, air conditioning, ABS. If you want to buy sports version, the price is over 400 thousand. and long terms of delivery expectations.
To get loan you have two choices. You can first rent a car, if it is turn. Then you will have time to calmly collect all the necessary paperwork and arrange loan. But you can first receive a loan, to be sure that you will certainly approve.
For credit contact the credit Department, which is in any showroom. You will be offered a credit scheme, depending on conditions. The maximum loan term is 7 years old. Minimum down payment is 10-15% of the value of the car. There are loans that are provided without a down payment. But to provide the Bank requires additional documents. Cars bought on credit, is subject to obligatory insurance on the hull. Insurance company you can choose your own. If you buy a car without a down payment, the Bank can oblige you to insure the car at a specific insurance company.
To get a loan for a car Lada Priora, grant to the Bank the required documents. You will need passport and photocopy all of its pages. Complete the application and questionnaire for a loan – each Bank has its own form. If your spouse (husband) acts as a guarantor, it is obliged to provide the Bank with a copy of your passport. Make a copy of a driver's license, if you have one. From the place of work submit the income certificate 2NDFL. If you are working under an employment contract or an individual entrepreneur, to confirm their income for the last 6 months - take a Declaration to the tax Inspectorate.