Advice 1: How to make a Greek costume

For carnival perfect costume Greek goddess. This outfit is also a mandatory attribute of the Greek party. Costume goddess easy to make yourself. It is not necessary to cut that simplifies the process of creating attire.
How to make a Greek costume
You will need
  • - white mother of pearl tissue;
  • beautiful ornaments (brooches, barrettes, bracelets, tiaras, etc.);
  • - sandals or shoes with long ties;
  • - gold braid.
Think about what kind of toga you want to do - short or long. Short chiton can reach up to the knee or end just above. A long robe that completely covers the feet and falls in beautiful folds on the floor. There are also two types of chiton, Ionian and lapel.
Select the model of costume that you like, or focus on your figure. Toga with flap consists of the sewn together rectangles of fabric. The upper part is fastened by brooches on the shoulders, the front part is slightly draped. Fastened with fibulae "sleeves" down to the floor.
Tunic with lapel
Remember that this chiton needs belting. The belt turns into soft waves around the figure. The belt and "sleeves" you can embroider beautiful embroidery. Lapel togas can make different color, but always light shade. The length of the lapel (diploidy) can be up to chest, thigh or knee.
Note the Ionian chiton. It is made out of thin and light fabric. A toga should cross belting beautiful lace or thin strap. The tunic should drape and crimp.
There is a Spartan version of the toga – peplos. Take a look at this model of the chiton. On the right side, the peplos does not sew. The free edge chisel edging and drape.
Sew a Greek toga for any variety of simply, can handle even a beginner. Prepare two equal pieces of your chosen fabric.
Remember that for a long toga, you need to take the fabric length with your height. For a short chiton take a piece of fabric 20 inches long planned. A piece of fabric will go on the drape.
The Ionian chiton
To find out the desired width, do simple calculations. The girth of the widest part of the body divide by two. To the number add half him. Two pieces of fabric stitch between the sides. From above it is necessary to leave the incision 30-35 centimeters, it will be sleeves.
Make slits on the sides of the costume. It does not shivaite 25-75 centimeters of the lower edge of the chiton. Now secure with a brooch or sew across the width of the upper part of the coat, but leaving a hole for the head. If you want to make a cut on the back. To better get into character, make the appropriate hairstyle.
Curl hair and secure with bandages or hairpins. The costume is perfect tiaras, wide bracelets, combs or nets for the hair. Shoes should be sandals or shoes with long straps. Tie them up to mid-calf.

Advice 2: How to make a Hawaiian costume

Hawaiian costume from many associate with the sea, sun and summer holidays. Most appropriate for this outfit on a beach holiday in hot weather. But will it fit for a Christmas club costumefocus of the party. However, the materials in these cases it is necessary to apply different.
How to make a Hawaiian costume
You will need
  • - outdoor swimsuit;
  • - tinsel;
  • tape;
  • - artificial vines;
  • - flowers;
  • - Laundry gum;
  • - braid;
  • - needle;
  • - threads;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Manufacturer suitand start with the skirt. It can be done of different materials. If you decided to do this costume out of Christmas tree tinsel, we choose the one that is with a soft long NAP. Suit and satin ribbons, and artificial plants. Cut the tinsel pieces equal to twice the length of the skirt. It can be anything, but most often to the knee or slightly below. If you make a suit of satin ribbons, cut their edges obliquely or sewn.
Cut a piece of elastic. Sew it into the ring so that skirt was easy to wear. Better to take a wide elastic band, which is less stretched. You can make a belt from grosgrain ribbon. In this case you will need a clasp.
Folded in half a strip of tinsel or ribbon wear on the belt. Straighten the edges. Sew the strip to the gum. Tinsel can sew in principle, any thread, since the stitches are still hiding under the pile. If you are using ribbon or artificial vines, the material for stitching must be exactly the color. For satin ribbons, preferably silk thread. Sew the remaining strips, so they completely shut down the belt.
Decorate the bra. Tinsel can simply be sheathed on all sides. From the tapes it is better to make multi-colored rosettes and sew them on the neck, lines the armholes and bottom of the swimsuit. Rosettes can be done in the following way. Cut a piece of ribbon with a length of 10-12 cm On one long edge sew it with a seam "forward a needle" with small stitches. Roll the ribbon into a tube. Much structure stitched edge and sew through it a few cross stitches. Straighten the free edge. Sew the rosette to the bra. You can also use artificial flowers, cut from their stems.
Make a flower necklace. Try to keep it in the same style as the rest of the costume. Rosettes of ribbon or artificial flowers tab on the right color braid, best green. In the same way make the decoration on the head. This headband with attached flowers. Position them as prompt your imagination. If there is at hand the shells of different shapes, make a second necklace. Complete the costume with a corsage.
Shoes must be in the same style as the rest of the outfit. In this case, no good for evening shoes or sneakers. The best option is beach Slippers, which can also be decorated with shells or flowers.

Initially, these costumes were made from different plants. For a beach party best suited to do this.
Useful advice
Mens Hawaiian costume has several varieties. If you can not get a Hawaiian shirt with palm trees, do not cover the torso at all. Pick a denim or white shorts and make a flower garland on his neck.

For a suit you can take synthetic packing tape. It is better to buy some multi-colored skeins. The rosettes of this tape is better hold the form. Stripes and flowers to attach to the belt and the rim can stapler.

Advice 3: How to make a tattered hair

Shredded hairstyles long do not go out of fashion. They give the image of lightness and elegance, make it stylish. Besides, this packing can be done both short and long hair, which increases the army of her admirers.
How to make a tattered hair
To make disheveled haircut short hair you will need styling gel and nail to secure. Wash your hair and dry locks with a brush to get volume. This raises them at the roots and sprinkle a little varnish. Take the finger a drop of gel and lay the individual strands so as to obtain a beautiful relief. Or just apply the gel on your palm and lift the hair up, clenching and unclenching his fingers. The resulting styling will fix the varnish.
Disheveled hairstyle for medium length hair do with Curling irons. Washing your hair, dry it with a hair dryer so that it remains slightly damp. Choose strands with the temporal, occipital, frontal pieces and roll them on the Curling iron. Curls should not be too tight, make loose waves. The remainder of the curls leave straight necessav at the roots. Fix laying varnish.
For long hair there are two options a tousled hairstyle. The first is done on straight hair. Clean hair, blow dry with her head down. Immediately sprinkle with varnish. Sit up. Kill the strands of the temporal and frontal region, so they do not interfere. Necesitate to give volume, starting from the nape. Then again, tilt your head down and swipe across the curls as if you wash the head. Fix laying varnish.
The second option messy hairstyles for long hair fit for owners of curls. The more curls, the better. Necesite curls the same way as in the first case. Then collect them in a large bun. Long end of a comb or knitting needle to pull the strands until, until you give the desired styling. Sprinkle the creation with varnish.
Useful advice
Making disheveled haircut, do not forget about fashion accessories. Stylish hair clips and headbands perfectly complement the image.

Advice 4: How to make a cool hairstyle

Regardless of the length and hair color you can always pick up a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle. It's not necessary to turn to professionals. There are many ways to do cool hairstyles right at home.
How to make a cool hairstyle
Try to collect hair in a simple hairstyle by making a ponytail. This hairstyle is suitable for almost any occasions. If desired, add clips or Bobby pins and decorate the tail feathers, very fashionable this season.
Assemble the bun, twisting the hair clockwise and fixing them with special sticks or hairpins. Let a few strands: the sides of the face - longer front - shorter. Add a decorative barrette. So hairstyle will look airy and harmonious.
Use an alternative such hair. Apply the gel on the hair, gather it in a ponytail, secure with elastic band and weave braid. Wrap the braid around the elastic and secure with Bobby pins. The beam can be positioned at the back of the head or to lower it closer to the neck.
Cover the hair with wax collect in the tail, releasing the side lock. Lift them up and double-fold in half, holding with a hand and dipping close to the neck. Wrap hair strand loose and kill it with Bobby pins.
Apply wax to damp hair. Make a hairstyle "ponytail" and divide it in half. One strand tighten around the elastic and wrap it around the second received beam. Ensure that the tips of the hair were sent in opposite directions. The resulting hair clip decorative hair clips.
Braid a few thin braid, placing them as close as possible to each other. The hair treated with wax. Create the braided bun, freeing the strands on the sides.
Apply the cream for styling. Hair braid, leaving one side free lock. From braids to form a vertical beam, securing it with hairpins. The remaining strand wrap bun and put under a collapsed braid the tip of the strands. Using varnish to lock the hair.

Advice 5: What tattoo is best to do for lower back

Now more and more popular among young people gaining in decorating their bodies with tattoos. There are a huge number of drawings deposited on the body: animals, birds, flowers, graffiti, religious and military symbols. Also varied and their location: on the wrist, shoulder, back, ankle, chest, neck, side and even on the back.
What tattoo is best to do for lower back

The benefits of applying the tattoo on the lower back

Earlier tattoos on the lower back were found more frequently in males, but in recent years they have become very popular among women. Pictures printed on the lower back, make a woman more sexy and attractive. In most cases, this part of the body covered by clothing, and a tattoo can only be seen briefly, which gives even more mystery.

There is a large selection of tattoo designs applied to the lower back. The figures, used in men, significantly different from those who prefer ladies. In General, all of the tattoo applied on this part of the body can be divided into two categories: extensive damage across the surface of the lower back and simple — a small picture from the center up or down.

There are several reasons for such great popularity of lower back tattoos:
- first, on the lower back enough space to fulfill all your fantasies;
- secondly, the skin is more elastic, less stretched, allowing you to keep good appearance of the image are almost to old age;
- thirdly, a tattoo on the lower back easy to hide under clothing.

Popular tattoo

The most common patterns to be applied to the lower back, is the image of a snake, Scorpion, dragon, flowers, butterflies and exotic tribal patterns.

Tribal patterns - perhaps the most common type of tattoos done on the lower back. These include tattoo Africa, Celtic, Polynesian and other tribes of the world. These tattoos symbolize strength and perfection of the spirit of its owner.

Image the serpent symbolizes wisdom, inner power and energy. Recently snake tattoos are very popular. Not surprisingly, people attracted to their mystical power, because since ancient times they were associated with many legends.

Dragon tattoos are very common among lovers of body art. The dragon is considered one of the most revered mythological creatures and is a symbol of power, authority and wisdom. Image of the dragon was applied along the spine all the emperors of China and their spouses, so the figure of the dragon, located on the back, is a symbol of power.

Among the floral designs are very popular among girls is the image of a Lotus. The figure in the form of a Lotus flower symbolizes femininity, elegance, divine birth, purity and chastity.

The image of a Scorpion is quite common on the body of men and women. Scorpio is one of the most dangerous and most revered of the animal world. Depending on the culture, the image of a Scorpion can be a symbol of nobility and self-sacrifice, wisdom and control, loneliness, death and betrayal.

The butterfly tattoo is very popular among the fair sex. These graceful creatures have long been considered the symbol of the soul, rebirth and the ability to change. There are plenty of tattoo designs butterfly. Choose a black image of a butterfly made of Celtic pattern.

Kind of tattoo to do, each decides for himself. It is important that it has become a decoration and bright individuality.
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