The car can be sell for parts, but first remove it from the register in MREO traffic police. This procedure is not the most pleasant. Long queues, not very friendly staff. So, what do you need? First, to come in MREO of traffic police at the place of registration of the vehicle. With a need to have the following documents: the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, statement on disposal (written), certificate of car registration, vehicle (title). You must surrender the license plates.
Some units work with electronic applications, so in order to save your time, call first and verify whether it is possible to apply on the disposal of the Internet. To go, of course, have but only once and in a strictly specified time to complete the numbers and show car. In the same case, if the car is not running, the traffic police can be invited for examination at the site Parking lot. This must be arranged in advance.
If the vehicle is four-wheel drive (domestic production), a cargo, if it is a bus or heavy bike, then you need to retire in the military Commissariat. If the owner is not you, will issue a notarized power of attorney.
In MREO need to get an application form and enter the necessary data. In the section "Asking" should write: "to remove technical means in connection with the disposal". Then to the head of the DMV write the explanations where you specify that the car is disposed of, the rooms and the attached documents (if any), if not, then you need to specify what numbers and papers lost.
Now all these documents take them to a window for reception of documents. Upon submission of the documents will tell you whether to wait for the document of a performed operation or you can come later.

All the car removed from the register, and data on the deregistration must be received in the tax office, to allocate transportation tax.