You will need
  • - alcohol;
  • - tincture of calendula;
  • - with an antibiotic ointment.
Contact the hospital and make an appointment to see a doctor. To soothe the redness and swelling with moles on their own not. This is due to the fact that all skin tumors can mutate and turn into cancer. After the inspection you will recommend an ointment that will help relieve inflammation.
Take a biopsy if the oncologist has recommended it. In some cases, the analysis paid, but it is inexpensive. Moles are not always immediately reborn in the malignant tumors, there is an intermediate stage during which the usual burning will help to avoid melanoma.
If you are unable to go to the hospital, treat the inflamed nevus medical alcohol. Procedure is carried out until, until it is completely healed. Instead of a suitable alcohol tincture of calendula.
Apply on the area of redness ointment with an antibiotic. You can use any that you have at home. You can just sprinkle the mole with soap. Use the ointment with salicylic acid or with zinc, if there is nothing else in the home medicine Cabinet.
Lubricate inflamed mole of linseed oil, when the redness starts to go. It is rich in nutrients and helps in the healing of skin wounds.
Buy a tincture of celandine. Soak in it a cotton pad and apply to the inflamed place for 5-10 minutes. Procedure is carried out 2-3 times a day. This will not only help relieve inflammation but also get rid of tumors or to reduce its size.
When redness does not go away, but rather increased, and the area feels inflamed nevus seal – don't wait another minute. If you are unable to go to the social hospital, contact a private clinic. Skin cancer can develop rapidly. An experienced oncologist from the first glance are able to supply the preliminary diagnosis. Don't be afraid of doctors, because the only way to avoid the most insidious disease.