What is a mole

A mole is a small dark spot on human skin, which he has, since birth, or which appears in the course of its life. The mole at all times, special attention was paid according to my fortune, the manifestation of those or other talents and abilities, and in some religions, if she was in any particular place, it was believed that its possessor is marked by God and endowed with special powers.

According to opinion of modern experts from the field of medicine, a mole is a cluster of dark pigment called "melanin", a benign formation on the surface of the epidermis. They are different – small and large, flat and convex, on the leg or warty type. And if the mole is on the face, neck, arms and has a three-dimensional shape, but still covered with stiff hairs, from her, of course, trying to get rid of.

How to get rid of moles

The question how to get rid of moles at home, you can give only one answer – no way. This can be dangerous, as the risk of infection in the wound on the spot removal of moles. In addition, her body can be located the blood vessels, the damage of which threatens serious negative consequences for health. You can use some traditional methods that do not bear the risk of damage to the skin, for example, regularly wipe the mole linseed or castor oil, pineapple juice or a solution of vitamin C, but the efficiency of such methods by anyone and has never been proven.

For the removal of moles from the skin developed many medical and cosmetic treatments, for example with a laser or radiosurgical operation. Such treatments are absolutely safe and almost painless, but only if they are performed by qualified specialist, in sterile conditions and in accordance with hygiene regulations. But it is not always possible to remove moles and decide whether you can do it, should only dermatologist.

What are moles and what may need to be removed

If a mole does not cause discomfort to uninstall is not recommended. Are subject to removal those that prevent, for example, to wear clothes or to wash the body - those that are in the area of contact of the skin with clothing, straps, or elastic bands of underwear or the ones that are on the scalp and can be injured by scratching. But to make a decision on the procedure should the surgeon or the dermatologist.