You will need
  • Fabric, thread color, needle and your imagination.
If you want to decorate beltom colored dress, then choose a plain fabric in the colour appropriate to the dress. Cut a rectangle the length of two of your waistline, and two times wider than you would like to have. Don't forget about a couple of centimetres for the seam.
If the belt is wide, it is possible to sew inside out and then turn to right side and make the last seam. If it is narrow, it is necessary to sew on the right side, but be careful, the belt should accentuate your figure and not to talk about how you can sew. Embroidered belt is better to make slightly widening at the ends, so it will look more original and stylish.
Make a beautiful belt for trousers made of fabric or thick cord. Weave a braid of the beautiful yarn, taking each strand at a few threads. Sew to the braid with beads and attach it to the very thread that had not undone.
The belt also can be made from beautiful long scarf. Of similar fabric to make the straps on the dress or coat and pass them assembled in an accordion handkerchief. Also for beltand will suit you rude or a warm fabric that will add a breezy dress or cloak of some originality.
At the present time has become very popular to diversify your wardrobe several beltAMI or straps. You can walk each day in the same coat, but your way will be different, and you will look special with a new beltohms.