You will need
  • Soap, powder "News", hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, turpentine, dry chalk, dry clay, onions, whey curdled milk, blotting paper, iron
Mold on the white wool, linen and cotton fabrics that can be washed, bring soap or powder "News". After washing bleach with hydrogen peroxide at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water. Also suitable ammonia (a teaspoon in a glass of water).
Another way to get rid of mold stains on cotton fabric – to cover the stain with a thin layer of crushed dry chalk. Put blotting paper and spend a few times at the location of the spot with a warm iron.
The spots of mildew on silk and wool fabrics that cannot be washed, remove with turpentine. First clean the stain with turpentine, then cover with a thin layer of dry clay. Again comes to the aid of the iron - iron them to the fabric using a blotting paper. If the fabric is white, soak the stain with hydrogen peroxide, then wash the item and rinse it in warm water.
Colored and dyed fabric, touched with mold, treat the ammonia. Before to wet ammonia to the stain, try it on an extra piece or in an inconspicuous place on the reverse side to make sure that the alcohol does not change color of this fabric.
It is easier to remove fresh stains from mold. To do this, wipe the stain several times with juice of onion or sour serum. After treatment, wash the product in hot water.