First and foremost, get rid of possible sources of increasing the humidity in the room – make sure no leakage of pipes and valves. It is also important that the air could circulate freely in the room, so heavy, bulky furniture, cabinets should not be moved toward the walls closely. Check the condition and tightness of window frames moisture must not penetrate into the inner part of the frame with precipitation. Regularly ventilate the room, do not allow stagnation of humid air in the room. During interior finishing use a high-quality waterproofing materials.
The appearance of mold fungi it is necessary to remove to clean or wash with washing powder. Hygroscopic materials, the appearance of mold, it is best to replace entirely. However, the mere physical removal of mold can bring only a temporary effect, so to prevent re-occurrence of mold, it is recommended to spend antiseptic processing of the surface to remove the fungus spores, invisible to the eye.
Effective means to combat mold are strong disinfectants such as chlorine bleach. However, the chlorine containing drugs are quite toxic, it is best to entrust them to a specialist.
You can try to get rid of mold by yourself, with a solution of tea tree oil. To do this in a spray bottle combine 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil and two cups of water, spray on mold and let soak. In a few hours apply for a place with mould baking soda, then spray the stain with vinegar - will begin the process of quenching soda vinegar. A stiff brush will remove the mold, wash the surface with water and wipe dry with a cloth.