You will need
  • - air freshener;
  • - fresh lemon;
  • - baking soda;
  • - vinegar;
  • - coffee grounds;
  • - washing powder;
  • - bleach;
  • - antiseptic.
Mold is a result of high humidity, so usually "zones" are bathrooms, basements and kitchens. Often ventilate the premises. The fresh air will help to prevent most moldand, consequently, her smell.
How to clean <strong>smell</strong> <b>mould</b>
As there is no smoke without fire, and the smellbut no mildew does not happen. If you want to get rid of the musty smelland once and for all, find the source of moisture and eliminate it. Then treat this place with modern means (protivoplesnevye impregnations and antiseptics). Then carefully ventilate the room. There is no reason, no consequences.
How to clean <strong>smell</strong> <b>mould</b>
To get rid of the smelland mold in the basement, you can use chlorine or bleaching powder. Sprinkle "bleach" the floor of the basement and leave for a day (during this time she will have time to absorb all the smell). Then remove the powder with a vacuum cleaner or broom. Use paper disposable bag for vacuum cleaner, as it will immediately be discarded. If sweeping with a broom, then the COP should be taken outdoors.
How to clean <strong>smell</strong> <b>mould</b>
There are many effective popular ways to remove unwanted smell of mold. One of them is the ordinary soda. Sprinkle it on a damp sponge or rag and carefully wipe the place of occurrence of mold. Mold destroyed, it was the turn of smell. Air, and then spray around the room deodorant (air freshener, aroma oils) or remove the peel with fresh lemon and place in the corners. The smell will disappear. Instead of soda you can use vinegar.
How to clean <strong>smell</strong> <b>mould</b>
If you want to eliminate the smell of mold from dishes, perfect coffee grounds. Coffee well interrupts extraneous smellI. Wash his dishes, coffee grounds and thoroughly towel dry.
How to clean <strong>smell</strong> <b>mould</b>
Bring musty smell of mold from clothing, but it is difficult. First, air the clothing in the open air (in winter a good promonocyte her on the balcony for five days at a temperature of minus twenty degrees Celsius; in summer, longer soak in the sun and drafts). Then immediately wash the thing several times while in the wash, add powder or liquid for sterilising linen. Then again, ventilate, and then iron the clothes.
How to clean <strong>smell</strong> <b>mould</b>