You will need
  • a network of nylon threads;
  • - scraps of fabric, rags, flax, etc.;
  • - yellow, green, brown;
  • - brush or spray.
Buy the store cut the nylon network the required size. In order to mask the car, you need a network the size of not less than 3x6 metres (before purchase measure tape measure the distance from the earth to the land across and along the car). Masking person will be enough network 2,5x3 meters.
If you are going to do camouflage net for hunters in the center cut a window for the face. The edges of the cut threads at the same sear with a match, so that they began to spin. To face was not visible during the hunt, make a small curtain out of scraps of mesh and secure it on your forehead if necessary it can be cut back.
Prepare material for "rags". If possible, use a fully synthetic materials: nylon, nylon, artificial silk, etc., because they remain when wet light, dry very quickly and do not emit smell. Pick up the cloth of the right color: marsh green, gray, different shades of brown and yellow.
Cut the material into strips of a width of 5-15 mm. Then fold the strip together or twist, and with each end cut into a fringe, not reaching the middle. You should have something like Christmas tinsel. Cut the long strip into small pieces of different sizes – from 20 to 50 cm.
Instead of fabric, you can use the flax braids, urine and other natural low-cost materials. Before starting work, try to water them – let's see whether strands of heavy, not whether there will be the smell.
Pull the chain and start to bind the strands and sections of tissue. Fold the strand in half and thread the loop through the mesh, then push the loop back through another cell. Then pass the ends inside the loop and tighten. To reliably fix the fringe, tie the knot, not through adjacent cells and through the cells on the diagonal.
After a homemade camouflage net will start to hide behind it items color strands. To do this, take the spray paint in matching colors and in a chaotic manner spray it on the network. You can paint the chain with a brush, so you will be able to achieve the necessary degree of contrast and variegation.