It should be noted that sign language is not universal for all languages of the world. Have a non-verbal language in each country has its own that do not coincide with other alphabet and dictionary. In the beginning, by the way, have to learn it the alphabet (in this case, it's a dactyl), although in colloquial speech the gesture will mean not the letter, and the word or phrase. But those who have already mastered sign language, I advise you to do so. Moreover, that study will have to spend a couple of days. Three or four will be spent on the development of addresses, numbers, measures, time, grammar.
To learn the basic gestures used, we can say on the Internet various allowances, books. However, a much faster and easier you can learn sign language, if you learn using video tutorials. In a lot of them can be found on sites devoted to the study of gestures. As a rule, all of the material there is divided into themes. In the first lessons, you will learn about the everyday, commonly used words. Each lesson touches upon a subject, for example, family. The teacher will teach you such words as mother, father, child, and many others.
When you have accumulated a base, you can move on to more difficult subjects: the expression of feelings, emotions, relationships, health, medicine, travel. natural phenomena, politics, justice, laws, religion and trade. It should be noted that any word that you will need, you will be able to quickly find this website through alphabetical index or the search bar.
Some of these services offer more and some content (articles), which maybe clearer and faster to understand than live and think as people for whom the gift of sound - unattainable wealth. In addition, you can develop an understanding of the psychology of deaf people and subtleties of sign language.