As you know, learning a language always starts with theory. Therefore, in the first stages of learning sign language you will need to acquire self-help books. With their help, you can learn the theoretical foundations that are necessary for language proficiency at basic, that is primary level. In sign language the basics are the alphabet and actual words.

How to learn to speak in sign language?

If you want to learn to speak sign language, you need to have a minimum vocabulary. In sign language, almost any word can Express a specific gesture. Learn the most common words that people use in daily life and also learn to pronounce simple phrases.

For this purpose perfect online dictionaries: the speaker shows a gesture corresponding to the word, and proper articulation. Such dictionaries can be found on websites devoted to learning sign language. But you can use dictionaries and the format of the books. However, there you will see the gestures only in pictures, but it is not so visual way of learning words.

To talk in sign language, you will also need to learn the manual alphabet. It consists of 33 gestures, each corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. In conversation, the manual alphabet is used not often, but know it still need: alphabetic gestures used in the pronunciation of new words for which there are no special gestures and proper names (names, surnames, names of settlements etc.).

Once you master the theoretical part, i.e. learn the alphabet of deaf-mutes, and will possess a basic vocabulary, you will need to find a way to communicate with native speakers, with which you will train your conversational skills.

Where you can practice sign language?

It is important to understand that to learn to speak in sign language without practice is an impossible task. Only in the process of real communication, you can learn skills at a level to understand sign language and be able to explain.
So, where you can talk with native speakers of sign language? Primarily it's all kinds of online resources: social networks, thematic forums and specialized sites, the audience that are hard of hearing or deaf. Modern means of communication allow you to communicate with native speakers without leaving your home.

You can go for more complex but also more effective ways. Find out if your city, special schools for the deaf, or any other community, hard of hearing and deaf people. Of course, to become a full member of such organization hearing person is not able. But it is possible if you learn sign language, not for pleasure, but to communicate with someone from your family. In addition, you can enroll as a volunteer in a boarding school for deaf children. There you immerse yourself in the language environment, so as to be able to communicate closely with native speakers of the language. And at the same time to do good things – usually, the volunteers at such places are always needed.