You will need
  • yarn;
  • hook.
Choose a hook depending on what yarn you will knit the product. Manufacturers usually indicate the recommended hook number on the label. If the label is not preserved or there are no recommendations, then pick the hook by the experimental method.
Crochet thin cotton or bamboo yarn suitable hooks № 1 is 1.75. While for thick and fancy yarn, a hook № 2,5 - 3,5.
Dial 90 loops plus 3 air loop for lifting. In the first row knit the column with stitches or without nakida (as you prefer) in the fourth loop from the hook. Next, bind the columns within each loop of the previous row. Work tail in a circle.
In the second row proverite 3 air loop lifting. Further, all loops are split into four pieces 30 hinges for the front on 30 stitches for the back and 15 loops for the sleeves. Mark them with a thread of contrasting color.
Knit the row as follows: 30 bars. In the last loop provarite 1 column with nakida, 2 air loop, 1 column with nakida (line of Raglan). Next, tie the 15 columns and loop for Raglan. That is 1 column, 2 air loops and 1 column. Then 26 columns in each loop of the previous row to the back, the line of the Raglan as described above, 15 columns for the sleeves and again loops to Raglan.
Knit the next row as the second. Line Raglan knit in the following way: column with nakida, 2 air loops and 1 column with nakida. Thus, in each subsequent row will increase the number of columns, and formed line of Raglan.
Associate this way a 5 series with the 4 till the 8th. In the 9th row knit 3 air lift loop and all loops provarite columns (that is, an air loop Raglan provarite also columns). Then bind the columns of 4 rows.
In the 14th row, connect the loop shelves and back. To do this, knit in pattern, on the line of the Raglan tie 4 air loop and a column with nakida after Raglan. Thus, you get the opening for the armhole. Next knit pattern and do the same thing, reaching the second line of the Raglan sleeves.
Flirty finish. Next knit fantasy pattern under the scheme of the product.