Remember, each application must be expressed in written form. It is also recommended if you experience problems regularly make calls in emergency service. A written appeal, if necessary, will be confirmation of the fact of the accident. Write briefly and without factual errors. Otherwise, the housing workers will disprove your words. At the end of the treatment signature, its decoding and date.
Write a complaint in two copies. A letter you can send in the mail. The method is very suitable, however there are some nuances. The letter must be certified. You should also request a return receipt. For reliability make a inventory of what is inside.
The first instance of the application save at home. When departing be sure to pay attention to the details specified in the receipt. The organization's name and address must be correct.
Best treatment to register with the utility companies. In the second instance, the Registrar must indicate an incoming number, date of registration, stamp of the organization, the surname, name, patronymic, position and signature. If registration was denied, you can send a letter in the mail.
Currently there is no specific pattern according to which written complaints. However, there is a procedure how to form the data treatment. In the upper right corner of the paper gives details of the organisation, i.e. name and address. It is also recommended to specify a surname and initials of the head. Then, the surname, name and patronymic of the person who treats the problem. In the center is written "Complaint". Then summarized the essence of the problem. It is recommended to specify specific requirements. You should also make reference to the laws and normative legal acts. Most often this is enough to arouse the communal sense of responsibility.