Advice 1: How to determine the faulty tappet

Tappet – the engine component that is used to compensate for the clearance between the Cam follower shaft and camshaft. At a constant clicking sound when the engine is warm you need to find the faulty tappet.
How to determine the faulty tappet
Remember that clicking sound is fairly well distributed in the metal, so the definition nespravny the details of a fairly complicated procedure. In order to facilitate the search process, pitch a small device. Take a steel rod, the length of which is about 70 cm and a thickness of about 5 mm. best option would be to use the cable from the actuator opening the rear trunk lid of the car.
On one end of the steel rod attach an empty tin can, for example, from-under beer. Banks have cut the upper part, and in the middle of the rod set the wood handle to prevent the absorption of sounds by hand. With this device you can easily find the faulty tappet in the engine. To do so, attach the ear to the inner cavity and listen carefully to originate extraneous noise and knocks.
Remove the tappet which, in your opinion, is most likely non-working, disassemble and thoroughly clean it. For this approach a magnet, by which the part is easily removed. If the compensator is jammed or he was greatly attached, remove it with a puller. Inspect the working surface and the presence of traces of wear guide immediate replacement. For minor defects, rinse the part in the solvent, after dismantling the tappet.
Remember that before installing, you must fill the tappet with oil. Watch this, because the blank products can lead to large shock loads. After that, test it by careful compression in the clamp. Sign serviceable parts will serve as a significant resistance to compression for about 30 seconds. Wait a few minutes, then start the engine.

Advice 2 : How to bleed the lifters

Lifters should completely absorb the gaps located between the working surfaces of the rockers rocker arms and camshaft, valves, rods, regardless of the temperature regime and the level of wear and tear. However, sometimes it may be a clog inside the details and in this case, they need to pump.
How to bleed the lifters
Please note that the tappet is located between the valve tip and pushrod. Remove the engine cover of the car, immediately clean the valve crankcase ventilation special karlspreis.
Cap candle wells cleaning rags (cloth). Then take a screwdriver and pry her detail, which is located above the tappet. Then carefully sternite it from the tappet and not worry if the part you dumped (it is very easy to put back).
Remove the tappet with a pair of pliers. It should be very easy to get out.
Make a simple device that you need to pump, prepare the syringe and put him on a drip. To clean the head means "SHUMMA". Pour the substance into the syringe (should have foam, but then it will turn into liquid).
Put the opposite end of the dropper on the tappet where it has a hole. Then start to pump it, tapping the syringe to the tool ("SHUMMA") was inside the tappet. Can do several times such manipulations can then blow karlspreis. Please note that while you pump the tappet from the side of the hole to drain the liquid.
Perform the following step for prevention. For this position the tappet in a container filled with means of "SHUMMA". Then leave it in that position for an hour "lay", and then repeat the procedure of pumping.
Remember that the lifters are sealed parts, so the oil in it, you fill fail. Therefore, repeat the bleeding procedure not only means "SHUMMA" and butter. Then put the tappet in a small container filled with oil. Then take him out and bleed again.
Useful advice
Never remove parts of the camshaft, if you do not have this experience.
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