Remember that clicking sound is fairly well distributed in the metal, so the definition nespravny the details of a fairly complicated procedure. In order to facilitate the search process, pitch a small device. Take a steel rod, the length of which is about 70 cm and a thickness of about 5 mm. best option would be to use the cable from the actuator opening the rear trunk lid of the car.
On one end of the steel rod attach an empty tin can, for example, from-under beer. Banks have cut the upper part, and in the middle of the rod set the wood handle to prevent the absorption of sounds by hand. With this device you can easily find the faulty tappet in the engine. To do so, attach the ear to the inner cavity and listen carefully to originate extraneous noise and knocks.
Remove the tappet which, in your opinion, is most likely non-working, disassemble and thoroughly clean it. For this approach a magnet, by which the part is easily removed. If the compensator is jammed or he was greatly attached, remove it with a puller. Inspect the working surface and the presence of traces of wear guide immediate replacement. For minor defects, rinse the part in the solvent, after dismantling the tappet.
Remember that before installing, you must fill the tappet with oil. Watch this, because the blank products can lead to large shock loads. After that, test it by careful compression in the clamp. Sign serviceable parts will serve as a significant resistance to compression for about 30 seconds. Wait a few minutes, then start the engine.