You will need
  • - report card;
  • calculator or program "1C Enterprise".
Charge district factor only on the base amount, which is paid systematically. If your company decided to pay systematic premiums and cash rewards regulated by the labour contract or the internal regulations, they charge the district factor on a monthly basis. For a one-time, lump sum, financial assistance ratio is not calculated.
Payroll with the regional coefficient is produced by summing all earned amounts in the settlement month inclusive of all charges, which are provided as regular payments, then the district charge ratio, take the amount of income tax of 13% and issued advance payments.
In each area applies to their area ratio. For example, in the Altai region area ratio equal to 15%. In the far North and equated territories in addition to the regional factor applied Northern allowance specified by the Federal law and Government regulation.
If you calculate the allowance for payment of sick leave, then apply the calculation of the regional coefficient, if the calculated amount is equal to the minimum wage. In 2011, the minimum wage is 4611 rubles. If the calculation of the employee's salary was less than the specified amount or period less than 6 months, then accrued benefits from the minimum wage add area ratio.
In other cases, the calculation and payment of temporary disability benefits area ratio do not apply.
For example, an employee receives a salary of 20 thousand rubles, the amount of the monthly premiums or incentives, as specified in the employment agreement or internal legal acts of the enterprise makes 5 thousand rubles, a regional coefficient used in the example 20%. When fully developed month, the calculation would be: 20000+5000=25000х20%=5000 is the amount of the regional coefficient. If to it to add the amount of money for the billing period, you get 30,000 rubles. 30,000 we need to subtract 13% and the advance is issued.