Please note: if you intend to register (to register) in the apartment or house, the owners of which (which) are several people, each of them, even temporarily absent owner must give their written consent to your registration. Even if you acquired the property part of the premises, to issue a residence permit without the consent of co-owner/co-owners can not. So if you don't want to be in the position of Boma, make sure that you will not have any problems with the registration at a new address, before signs your release from the old.
Signs your release from your old place of residence. Make sure that your passport put a stamp, and get your hands on the address leaf of departure.
In 7-day term from the moment of arrival, please contact the division of the FMS (passport registration officer) of your new place of residence. Please bring your passport or other document proving your identity, address leaf of departure and the documents on which you intend to move in: proof of ownership of the housing, the statement of the owner/owners agree to provide you with the right of residence in the territory, the judgment about recognition of the right of use of premises, etc.
Write and sign a statement of registration by place of residence and the statistical form. Forms of these documents and samples of their filling you can free download unified portal of public and municipal services of Russia
Wait a few days until your documents the officer will submit to the registration authorities, where you will put in the passport stamped or, if you gave the passport and other document, will issue a certificate of registration in the prescribed form.
Come the appointed day in division FMS (pasportistam) and take back his passport with a stamp about registration or the certificate of registration at your new place of residence.