Increase in height and weight in the first year of life

Since the birth of the baby until he turns 1 year, doctors will constantly monitor his weight and growth. If there is observed a strong deviation from the existing norms, the doctor can make a diagnosis and begin treatment.

Correct height and weight of the baby can be calculated using special tables, in which it is written, how much should the baby weigh and what should be its growth at a certain age. Do not forget that these indicators depend on the quality of nutrition and heredity. If your diet is wrong no child will be able to grow normally and to develop. As for heredity, in short parents is unlikely to be born tall children.

Six months after the birth, baby's weight should be two times bigger than at birth, and a year – three times more. But there are always exceptions. The more children on artificial feeding to gain weight faster than those who are breastfed. So, if you see that the weight or height of your child different from the norm by 6-7%, then do not worry. This is a normal deviation.

How to calculate normal weight and growth of baby

After the first day of birth it is no longer necessary very often to check the growth and weigh the baby, but to meet the weight and height is still needed.

To find out the normal growth of your baby easily by the following formula: age of child * six + three feet. For example, if the child is 2 years old, its ideal height is 92 cm (2 x 6 + 80 = 92).

To 4 years children gain more weight than in growth. Because of this, some babies look chubby. In 4-8 years, they grow faster than gaining weight. The next phase 9-13 years – weight gain, 13-16 years – big growth spurt.

The ratio of weight and growth of baby is not always the perfect proportion, as it depends on the age. From a special table of weights, it is seen that in 1 month the baby should weigh up to 4100 grams in 2 months – to 4900, 3 – to 5,600, 4 – to 6300 5 to 6800, 6 – to 7 400, 7 – to 8100, 8 – 8500, 9 – to 9000 10 9500, 11 – up to 10,000 12 – to 10800.

At 1.5 years normal weight of a child is 11100-11500 grams in 2 years – 12300-12700 grams in 2.5 years – 13900-14300 grams in 3 years – 14700-15100 grams.

Blindly believe grid indicators is still not necessary, as some infants at birth weigh more than 3 kilos, some 5 kg Therefore, weight gain from them will also be different.