You will need
  • - SNILS mother;
  • - the passport of the mother;
  • - birth certificates of all children;
  • - ballpoint pen.
Prepare all the necessary documents. First, you will need a passport. The applicant usually is the mother who gave birth to the second, third or subsequent child after January 1, 2007. Families in which children appeared before that date, are not entitled to receive maternity capital. Second, find the card SNILS (insurance certificate). Third, attach to the package of documents of birth certificates of all children. Them on the reverse side should be stamped the passport and visa service of Russian citizenship or be separate inserts.
Visit the website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Find information about the FIU offices in the regions of the country. Use the list or an interactive map. Find the address of your territorial body PFR and phone numbers.
Call your territorial body PFR, check the reception hours of citizens on questions of registration of the parent capital. In Moscow a special window offices work every day in the emergency time.
Specify whether to make copies of documents (passport, social security number, birth certificate). In Moscow they are scanned by a specialist FIU in place, but in the regions often require paper copies.
Visit the territorial body of the pension Fund at the place of residence in the receiving time. Complete a statement on the site about obtaining the parent capital, give the expert all documents. Receive from the employee Pension Fund of Russia a receipt that the documents taken into consideration.
Wait for an email, it will come by mail Russia about a month after filing. The message will indicate what decision is made on your question: make the parent capital or to refuse its receipt. Indicated in the letter time, please contact the territorial body of the pension Fund with the passport of the applicant, will receive a certificate for maternity capital on hand.