1. Desk it is not necessary to place near the window, daylight can create glare on the computer monitor. It is better to install it in the place where the work will be the most convenient.

2. In addition to table lamp on the Desk needs to drop scattered on the light otherwise eyes will quickly get tired. Less tiring on the eyes the light is bluish, cool tint, so incandescent bulbs that give a yellow light in the office is better not to use.

3. A computer Desk should be comfortable, preferably with curved shape countertop. If the computer does not fit into the overall style of the interior of the Cabinet, you can install sliding partitions, or remove the job in wardrobe. Discordant modern computer with the rest of the decor of the office may, if the room is decorated in a certain style, for example medieval.

4. For productive work it is important to organize the workplace. On the table there should not be unnecessary items and papers system unit of computer and printer can be put under the table or on individual tables.

5. No less important is the choice of the working chair. The best option is a chair with a high back, which, in addition to the spine and supports the head. In the area of the loin on the back must be convex for supports, otherwise long seat will tire. It is also necessary that the seat height and backrest angle to be regulated.

6. Furniture should be selected in accordance with the style in which you plan to decorate your office. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the financial possibilities. The Cabinet can be decorated in a classic style with massive wooden furniture, bronze and natural leather coated chairs. No less popular today and a minimalist style, comfortable and functional, without any frills and frills in the decoration.

7. Important and colors of the Cabinet, as a rule, each person, depending on temperament.